PoE 3.13 Passive Skill Tree Changes Balance

Passive Skill Tree Changes

  • The Impaler Keystone now prevents Call of Steel removing any Impales inflicted within the last 4 seconds.
  • The Ash, Frost and Storm, Elemental Resistance and Anointed Flesh notables each now grant reduced effect of Shock and Chill on you, rather than reduced effect of non-damaging Ailments on you.
  • The Swift Skewering cluster now consists of two branches (rather than a full loop). It now has a second notable, Blade Sovereign, which causes Call of Steel to have +4 to maximum Steel Shards, 30% increased Use Speed and deal 10% increased Reflected Damage. The small passive leading to Blade Sovereign grants Call of Steel 15% increased Use Speed and causes it to deal Reflected Damage with 15% increased Area of Effect. This small passive replaces one that previously granted 5% increased Impale effect.

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