Orb of Scouring Prophecy – Erased from Memory PoE

Erased from Memory Erased from Memory is a prophecy.

Outcome Ingredient Note
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 1x Erased from Memory Erased from Memory Prophecy reward


Kill any unique monster.


    1x Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring

    Erased from Memory

    Price: ~ 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy

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    Act 1 unique monster

    Name Level Location Monster Type
    Hillock 1 The Twilight Strand Unique
    Fire Fury 2 The Coast Cannibal
    Hailrake 3 The Tidal Island Cannibal
    Oozeback Bloom 4 The Mud Flats Rhoa
    Kadavrus the Defiler 5 The Fetid Pool Necromancer
    Brood Princess 5 The Submerged Passage Siren’s Daughter
    The Deep Dweller 6 The Flooded Depths Shield Crab
    Kuduku, the False God 6 The Ledge Totem
    Ironpoint the Forsaken 7 The Climb Skeletal Archer
    The Faun 7 The Climb Goatman
    Chatters 8 The Lower Prison Skeleton
    Sawbones 9 The Upper Prison Necromancer
    Brutus, Lord Incarcerator 9 The Upper Prison Unique
    The Burning Menace 10 Prisoner’s Gate Hellion
    Ungulath 10 Prisoner’s Gate Goatman
    Captain Fairgraves 11 The Ship Graveyard Skeleton
    Stranglecharm 12 The Ship Graveyard Cave Elemental
    Amarissa, Daughter of Merveil 12 The Cavern of Wrath Wrath Siren’s Daughter
    Ambrosia, Daughter of Merveil 13 The Cavern of Anger Anger Siren’s Daughter
    Merveil, the Siren 13 The Cavern of Anger Anger Unique

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