Pinpoint Support Gem - Path of Exile

Pinpoint Support Pinpoint Support supports projectile spells you cast yourself. Cannot support triggered skills, Vaal skills, instant skills, channelling skills, skills which reserve mana or create minions, or skills used by totems, traps, or mines.

It requires Level 31, 23 Dex, 33 Int. Tag: Support, Projectile, Spell. Mana Multiplier: 140%.

  • Supported Spells gain Intensity when you Cast them, to a maximum of 3
  • Supported Skills fire 1 fewer Projectile per Intensity
  • Supported Skills deal 30% more Projectile Damage with Hits per Intensity
  • Supported Skills fire 3 additional Projectiles
  • Supported Skills deal (25 - 15)% less Projectile Damage
  • Supported Spells lose 1 Intensity every 0.25 seconds while moving, or immediately if you teleport

How to get Pinpoint Support?

It is now offered to the Witch and Shadow for completing A Fixture of Fate quest(Act 3), and can be purchased from Clarissa by the Templar and Scion.

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Pinpoint Support Build Guide

PoE 3.12 changed the Intensity mechanic to be one we can build into other skills and supports, like Crackling Lance and the new Pinpoint Support.

Pinpoint Support gives 3 additional projectiles, while each stack of Intensity will reduce the number of projectiles you fire by 1 while greatly increasing the skill’s damage. By increasing your maximum Intensity you could lose all projectiles, so this support works well with spells that can easily gain additional projectiles.

Pinpoint Support

Alternate Quality

Default Supported Skills deal 10% increased Projectile Damage
Alternate Quality 1 Lose Intensity 20% slower while moving
Alternate Quality 2 Lose Intensity 20% faster while moving

Pinpoint Support Gem

Frostbolt + Pinpoint Support Build Example

Frostbolt Frostbolt fires a slow-moving projectile that pierces through enemies, dealing cold damage.

Projectile Skill Gems

Pinpoint Support can support the following skill gems.

Skill gem Required Level
Artillery Ballista Artillery Ballista 28
Barrage Barrage 12
Blast Rain Blast Rain 28
Blink Arrow Blink Arrow 10
Caustic Arrow Caustic Arrow 1
Cobra Lash Cobra Lash 1
Cremation Cremation 28
Elemental Hit Elemental Hit 12
Ensnaring Arrow Ensnaring Arrow 16
Ethereal Knives Ethereal Knives 1
Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow 28
Frenzy Frenzy 16
Frost Blades Frost Blades 1
Galvanic Arrow Galvanic Arrow 1
Lancing Steel Lancing Steel 28
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike 12
Mirror Arrow Mirror Arrow 10
Rain of Arrows Rain of Arrows 12
Scourge Arrow Scourge Arrow 28
Shattering Steel Shattering Steel 12
Shrapnel Ballista Shrapnel Ballista 4
Siege Ballista Siege Ballista 12
Sniper’s Mark 24
Spectral Shield Throw Spectral Shield Throw 12
Spectral Throw Spectral Throw 1
Split Arrow Split Arrow 1
Tornado Shot Tornado Shot 28
Toxic Rain Toxic Rain 12
Unearth Unearth 10
Vaal Burning Arrow Vaal Burning Arrow 1
Vaal Lightning Strike Vaal Lightning Strike 12
Vaal Rain of Arrows Vaal Rain of Arrows 12
Vaal Spectral Throw Vaal Spectral Throw 1
Venom Gyre Venom Gyre 12
Wild Strike Wild Strike 28
Arcanist Brand Arcanist Brand 38
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning 28
Creeping Frost 12
Essence Drain Essence Drain 12
Fireball Fireball 1
Freezing Pulse Freezing Pulse 1
Frostbolt Frostbolt 1
Ice Spear Ice Spear 12
Icicle Mine Icicle Mine 12
Kinetic Blast Kinetic Blast 28
Kinetic Bolt Kinetic Bolt 1
Lightning Trap Lightning Trap 12
Magma Orb Magma Orb 1
Orb of Storms Orb of Storms 4
Power Siphon Power Siphon 12
Pyroclast Mine Pyroclast Mine 28
Soulrend Soulrend 28
Spark Spark 1
Vaal Fireball Vaal Fireball 1
Vaal Lightning Trap Vaal Lightning Trap 12
Vaal Power Siphon Vaal Power Siphon 12
Vaal Spark Vaal Spark 1
Winter Orb Winter Orb 28
Holy Flame Totem Holy Flame Totem 4
Molten Strike Molten Strike 1

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