Transcendence is a Timeless Jewel-only keystone passive skill.

  • Armour applies to Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage taken from Hits instead of Physical Damage
  • -5% to all maximum Elemental Resistances

Militant Faith: Maxarius
Flavour text: Master the mortal world, and you may find immortality beyond.

Transcendence Build

It causes armour to reduce elemental damage taken instead of physical damage, and also reduces your maximum elemental resistances.

Transcendence PoE

Alternate Passive

Faction regular Notable Keystone Unique
Templar +5/+10 Devotion +5 Devotion or ChangesTo Random Mods Maxarius: Transcendence
Dominus: Inner Conviction
Avarius: Power of Purpose
Voll’s Protector Voll’s Protector
Divinarius Divinarius
The Sorrow of the Divine The Sorrow of the Divine
Sign of the Sin Eater Sign of the Sin Eater

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