PoE Omen of Fortune

Omen of Fortune

If you win the entire tournament, Hinekora can also offer you a new type of item called an Omen. They can be stored in your inventory until a condition is met, at which point it is consumed and its effect occurs. Omens are one-time use items that provide a beneficial effect under certain conditions. You can only consume one Omen per combat area.

Name Icon Description Note
Omen of Fortune Will be Consumed when you use an Orb of Chance
on an item which can become Unique to ensure it does so
Each player can only consume one Omen in each combat area.

Omens are a type of consumable item that can be received as a reward from the Trial of the Ancestors in the Ancestor league. Omens activate an effect when the specified condition is fulfilled while you have it in your inventory, consuming them.

Omen items cannot stack. Only one omen can be activated per area instance.

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