Saemus’ Gift Build PoE & Price – Spike-Point Arrow Quiver

Saemus’ Gift is a unique Spike-Point Arrow Quiver. Requires Level 45. Popularity: <0.1%.

Saemus’ Gift Build Stats

Name Saemus’ Gift Total stats
  • +(30-40) to Dexterity
Resistance +(20-40)% to Lightning Resistance
Critical Strike
  • (20-30)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
  • (8-12)% increased Cast Speed
  • 1% increased Lightning Damage per 10 Intelligence
  • Life +(30-60) to maximum Life
    Stun Stun 20% chance to Avoid being Stunned

    Saemus’ Gift Price

    In the trade marketplace, the price of Saemus’ Gift Spike-Point Arrow Quiver is an Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

    Saemus' Gift

    Saemus’ Gift Farming – How to get it?

    You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these are not guaranteed.

    Amount Ingredient General Notes
    4 Jack in the Box random unique item
    8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted unique item


    Sell to Vendor Price:
    Item class: Quivers

    Spike-Point Arrow Quiver Unique Versions

    Item Drop Level
    Soul Strike Soul Strike 64
    Saemus’ Gift 45

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