Fire Salts – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Fire Salts

Name Icon Description
Fire Salts Used to add fire damage to a weapon.

Farming – How to get it?

Fire Salts can be found in the following places:

  • Lower Carath: After activating the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch, drop down into the trap pit and make a left when you reach the main street, you’ll find a wall that you can pass through using the Umbral Lamp. On the ledge above the flowerbed is a chest containing some Fire Salts, Holy Salts, Wither Salts, and the Sword of Skin and Tooth.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Skinstealer Spear, cross the wooden bridge to the other side and ignore the wooden steps first to grab some Fire Salts.
  • Upper Calrath: Dropped by enemies in the Area.
  • Can be purchased from Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him next to the Vestige of Jeremiah in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. Finding and speaking to him expands the merchant’s inventory which adds this item to the shop.
  • Tower of Penance: After picking up the Enhanced Banner Javelin of Protection, activate the lever nearby to remove the mechanism in the middle. This will allow you to fall through the hole onto the final level. You can find x2 Fire Salts and x3 Minor Fire Salts from the fireplace on the wall.
  • Bramis Castle: Upon entering Bramis Castle from the tower, head down the stairs onto the path by the lava river. Nearby is a storage are with breakable objects, break through them to find x1 Fire Salts.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Vestige of Svornil, head out the gates and follow the path to find several breakable items. Break the items and on the right, you can pick up x1 Fire Salts.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: After picking up the Trinity Shield from the statue, turn around and move forward, you’ll see a gate on your right, you can use your Umbral Lamp to go through the gate. Head up the stairs, beware of enemies in the area if you’re in Umbral, and in the middle of this sheltered area, you can pick up x2 Fire Salts, x3 Burn Salts, and x3 Ignite Salts from the ground on your left near a broken chest.

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