Bleed Salts – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Bleed Salts

Name Icon Description
Bleed Salts Used to add bleed status damage to a weapon.

Farming – How to get it?

Bleed Salts can be found in the following places:

  • Can be purchased from Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him inside Skyrest Bridge, in front of the Vestige of Ethryg. Finding and speaking to him expands the merchant’s inventory which adds this item to the shop. Thehk-Ihir moves inside Skyrest Bridge at some point after you find and speak to him at the Shuja Hamlet (Vestige of the Pale Butcher) in the Forsaken Fen.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: Take the left ladder in the area where you fight Scourged Sister Delyth. Head to the item and the structure will collapse, you will find three Bleed Salts, and use the Umbral Lamp to see some bones acting as a bridge, get on them. Hop across the next set of bones and you will also find the Lacerating Knife at the end.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After picking up the Orian Preacher Hammer, continue following the path down to find yourself at odds with a Trapper, Raw Manglers, and Rhogar Hounds. Past them will be a gate to a large open area. To the right of the gate are some Minor Holy Salts, Smite Salts, and Bleed Salts.
  • Upper Calrath B (accessed after completing the “Cistern” location): As you enter the open area filled with petrified bodies ahead, a minor Ruiner will order some Rhogar Hounds after you and follow them to deal with you as well. When you clear the area, you should be able to find an Ammunition Satchel along with two Manastone Clusters and three Bleed Salts on the left part of the area near the walls.
  • Upper Calrath B (accessed after completing the “Cistern” location): Teleport to the Vestige Seedling you planted where the path split with two Stigmas, or retrace your steps to get back there. Head on the path to the left this time. Be careful of the exploding Husks as you head up the narrow stairs. At the top, you’ll find a hall where another minor Infernal Enchantress is waiting. Past her is a room containing the second Radiant Beacon. Move forward and cleanse it. After the cutscene, you can find some Bleed Salts on a corpse right by one of the large bells.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the dining room, head down the stairs and go through the doorway in the middle at the end and find a countertop with candles and x3 Bleed Salts.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: You can find three Bleed Salts on the ledge of the blood basin ahead in the middle of two Radiant Hounds, Penitents, and an Avowed. It is nearby the area the Manse Kitchen Key can be found.

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