Ammunition Pouch – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Ammunition Pouch

Name Icon Description
Ammunition Pouch Provides assorted ammunition.

Farming – How to get it?

Ammunition Pouch can be found in the following places:

  • Starting equipment for the Blackfeather Ranger
  • Can be purchased from Gerlinde at Skyrest Bridge.
  • Abandoned Redscope: Near the broken gate guarded by a Corrupted Penitent. break the objects to find 2.
  • Keep heading up as you enter Skyrest Bridge to find 2 Ammunition Pouches, along with 2 Small Manastone Clusters on a corpse by a gate blocked off by steel bars.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Head up a wooden ladder to find x2 Ammunition Pouches and x2 Small Manastone Clusters on a dead avowed. A Pilgrim will also be throwing Radiant projectiles toward you from the platform.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: After kicking the bridge to unlock the shortcut, turn around and head forward to face three pilgrims at the end to obtain 2 Small Manastone Clusters, alongside 2 Ammunition Pouches.
  • In front of Damarose the Marked in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • Can be purchased from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis in Skyrest Bridge.
  • Forsaken Fen: Make your way up to the Vestige of Valade, and on your left, you will find x2 Ammunition Pouches. See it on the LotF Forsaken Fen Map.
  • Forsaken Fen: After you head up to the sloping tree branch and open the shortcut, you will find a Shuja Warrior on a slope. Defeat it and loot the x2 Ammunition Pouches by the wall at the top.
  • Forsaken Fen: After picking up the Putrefaction Spell, exit the structure and turn right, where you’ll find another set of wooden platforms, also leading to the roof of the hut. Follow them, and about halfway through, you’ll find an Emergence Effigy you can use to return to the Axiom. When you get to the end, you’ll find 2 Ammunition Pouches and 2 Small Manastone Clusters on the roof.
  • Lower Calrath: From the alehouse where the Lower Calrath Alehouse Vestige is, head further down you’ll find some Seared Souls and a large hole in the wall. You’ll have to drop here but do so very carefully and try to aim for a spot that’s safe from the mines. Touching them will result in a small blast. After you carefully avoid them and head out of the alley, you’ll be greeted by a Trapper and a Raw Mangler. From here head on the path straight ahead first but head up the raised ground on your right. You’ll be greeted by a Seared Soul that’ll use fire attacks against you. Head to the left of the house and into a narrow path where you can pick up x2 Ammunition Pouches and Small Manastone Clusters.
  • Revelation Depths: Head to the nearest cave entrance and prepare yourself since we will be dealing with a handful of enemies, in here. Umbral ones included. You will notice that to progress, you need to traverse to the lower areas. To do so, traverse the series of platforms here but before accessing your first ladder in the area to climb down, there is a treasure chest nearby. Open it and receive a x2 Ammunition Pouch, among other items.
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: From the Vestige of Rosamund, go through the shortcut gate if you have that opened already. Otherwise, head through the doorway and through the tunnels with the exploding red bulges. Take the stairs up until you reach the second landing to find more wooden items and a chest. Open it to obtain x1 Weighted Arrows and x2 Ammunition Pouch.
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: From the previous Ammunition Pouch location, head up the stairs into the hall and out into a courtyard with a large tree in the middle. Clear the enemies and head to the terrace behind the stairs where you came from to find a chest. Open it to obtain x1 Enhanced Grenade and x2 Ammunition Pouch.
  • This item can drop from the Marksman enemy.

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