Poison Resistance Balm – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Poison Resistance Balm

Name Icon Description
Poison Resistance Balm Neutralises poison and provides temporary increased resistance against poison attacks.

Farming – How to get it?

Poison Resistance Balm can be found in the following places:

  • Forsaken Fen: After defeating Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds, head through the lit tunnel. Use the ladder to get down, and head to the right to find x3 Poison Resistance Balms.
  • Forsaken Fen: After the fight with The Congregator of Flesh, leave the area and get to the end of the short wooden slope to find x3 Poison Resistance Balms. As you get through the other side of the river, go right, and find x2 more under the wooden platforms. See it on the LotF Forsaken Fen Map.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: In the part of the location walkthrough named "To the Abbey Or The Tower". Through the archway on the right instead, you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed. Hop down from the ledge and look to the right to find a hidden room. After defeating the Remnant and Womb of Despair, you can pick up three Poison Resistance Balms and two Poison Cure.

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