Animated Vigor Skull – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Animated Vigor Skull

Name Icon Description
Animated Vigor Skull Grants 800 vigor.

Farming – How to get it?

Animated Vigor Skull can be found in the following places:

  • Skyrest Bridge: Head along the ledge parallel to the Tortured Prisoner’s prison and use the Umbral Lamp to detect some moths in the area. Head past the wall to find a Faint Vigor Skull and an Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Forsaken Fen: Where you have to take the detour, to face Mendacious Visage, follow the lit wooden archway, you can find one Animated Vigor Skull on the right, in the water.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After picking up the Hallowed Knight Shield, go to the circular area where Rhogar Hounds are positioned, you’ll find an Animated Vigor Skull near some breakable barrels.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After picking up the Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli, turn back around and you’ll find and use an Emergence Effigy on your right to transition back to Axiom. Back in Axiom, you can now head back to the tower and head up the stairs to the top. Be careful of the two Raw Manglers waiting for you above. At the top landing, there’s an Animated Vigor Skull on the corpse near some breakable objects.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After defeating the Mendacious Visage mini-boss, you’ll notice that there’s an Emergence Effigy near the entrance of this section if you want to transition back to Axiom. Head back down and a Trapper might greet you coming from the archway, along with a Rhogar Hound or two. As you cross the archway, there might be another Rhogar Hound to your immediate right, waiting to blow flames into you as you enter. The path to the left circles around back to the gap in the wall in the previous area, giving you a shortcut back, along with another Animated Vigor Skull on a corpse. See it on the LotF Fitzroy’s Gorge Map.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Serrated Staff, there’s an Animated Vigor Skull inside the tent just before the turn leading back toward the fallen tree.
  • In the area where you have to soulflay the platform that is blocking the ladder in Sunless Skein, head near the tunnel entrance to find some loot. Head to the ladder to find x2 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Sunless Skein: There is another one near the floodgate, where you have obtained the Ring of Bones. Head to the upper area and notice that you can circle around to unlock the nearby shortcut, which is the wooden bridge. Along the way, pick up another Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Cistern: Head down and pick up the x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets near the ladder. Carefully proceed as there will be a Pilgrim that will try to push you to the cliffs. Clear both Pilgrims in the area and pick up the x2 Large Deralium Shards. Follow the platform and the platform and the path will split into two. Focus on the direction where a loot is located. Beware that the platform will be destroyed once you step on it. Step on the outer part of the platform to avoid falling into this trap. Get x1 Animated Vigor Skull for the trouble
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: From the Vestige of Rosamund, head to the doorway and defeat an Ardent Penitent. At the barred door, there is a body and pick up x2 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Bramis Castle: Upon entering the lava terrain, continue down the path and go through the broken tower up to a higher level. At the end of the path, you will see a Rhogar Hound behind some breakable objects. Defeat it and pick up x1 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the underground crypts, head up and return to the main hall with the long spiral stairs. Take the stairs all the way up and use the Royal Key on the door. Take the stairs up to find yourself in a library. Go around the room to find stairs going up, take them and defeat the Rhogar Hounds and the Trapper. Follow on towards the end and pick up x3 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: When you encounter Pureblade and three Thorned Penitents you will be able to pick up the Animated Vigor Skull from the right of the stairs nearby.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: You will encounter multiple waves of Avowed and Marksman as you explore. Eventually you will encounter another group of them running at you. Opposite to the archway, there’ll be two Bleed Cures on the shelf. Again, further ahead at the next archway to the right, another Avowed will be present. Make your way to the end of the pathway to grab three Animated Vigor Skulls off of the shelf.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: After you defeat the Abiding Defenders, there’ll be two ways forward here – one to the left and another to the right. Start by going to the right. Inside this small room, you’ll find an Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Umbral Flowerbed by the ravine, walk across the wooden walkway to the ruined house with an enemy. In a corner, you can pick up x1 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Umbral Flowerbed by the ravine, continue down the path through the ruined houses. Soulflay the nearby Stigma, continue the path and bring down the shortcut ladder. On the left side, there is an item on the roof and on the ground of a closed off area. Head down from the roof and pick up x1 Animated Vigor Skull.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Beacon, take the ladder down and head out the the hole on the side of the tower. Continue on the path in the middle and pick up x1 Animated Vigor Skull on some bodies.

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