Poison Cure – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Poison Cure

Name Icon Description
Poison Cure Used to cure poison status.

Farming – How to get it?

Poison Cure can be found in the following places:

  • Can be purchased from Thehk-Ihir for 250 Vigor after finding and speaking to him at the lookout of Forsaken Fen.
  • Forsaken Fen: After picking up a Saintly Quintessence you soulflayed from an Umbral Belly, return to the hut and defeat the Remnants that ambushed you. Head up the first set of stairs afterward to find an Umbral Burrower. On the top floor, defeat the Shuja Warrior and exit out onto the ‘balcony’. Forward and to the right is a dilapidated hut that houses two Poison Cures.
  • Sunless Skein: After you pass through the tunnel using the Umbral Lamp on the iron bar door, you will find the path splits in two. Before picking a side, continue forward to find a dead body containing x2 Poison Cure.
  • Cistern: Near the location of the Nohuta Effigy, you will find x2 Poison Cure.
  • Revelation Depths: Traverse the long wooden bridge. At the end of this bridge, you will notice a ladder that you can climb onto to access the upper areas. Before doing that, pick up the x2 Poison Cure that is hidden behind the barrels. See it on the LotF Revelation Depths Map.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: In the part of the location walkthrough named "To the Abbey Or The Tower". Through the archway on the right instead, you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed. Hop down from the ledge and look to the right to find a hidden room. After defeating the Remnant and Womb of Despair, you can pick up three Poison Resistance Balms and two Poison Cure.
  • This item can drop from the Shuja Warrior enemy.

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