PoE The Night Lamp

The Night Lamp Urn Relic

Icon Description
The Night Lamp The Night Lamp is a unique Urn Relic. Category: Relic.

  • The herald of the scourge drops 2 additional sanctified relics
  • Rooms are unknown on the sanctum map
  • This item is destroyed when your sanctum ends
  • Unmodifiable

Flavour Text: “The newcomers were terrified of fire. He used their fear to control them, to lay the seed of unquestioning faith. he claimed only his god could protect them.” – Lycia, The Heretic

Place this item on the relic altar at the start of each sanctum run

Lycia, Herald of the Scourge is a Sanctum boss.

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The Night Lamp is another Unique Relic that guarantees extra Sanctified Relics upon slaying the final boss, but hides the details of each room.

The Night Lamp