Burn Cure – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Burn Cure

Name Icon Description
Burn Cure Used to cure burn status

Farming – How to get it?

Burn Cure can be found in the following places:

  • Can be purchased from Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him at the lookout of Forsaken Fen.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Fallen Lord’s Sword, head down one more floor to find a ladder in the square hole in the middle of the floor, only if you’re in Umbral. Climb down the ladder and then head out the opening on your right to get x3 Wither Wards at the edge of the broken staircase. The opening on your left just leads back to the stairs leading up to a Proselyte, but was hidden from your view by the fires in Axiom. When you’re ready, head all the way back up the structure and cross the narrow bridge back. Take the path to the opposite side this time to find some Burn Cures and Ignite Cures.
  • Lower Calrath: Once you encounter a minor Infernal Enchantress along with two Rhogar Hounds, following the path into an archway. As you enter it, you should find some breakable objects to your right that lead to the side of the bricks. Break them, follow the path they reveal to an underside, and turn right to grab some Burn Cure.
  • This item can drop from the Trapper, Proselyte, Ruiner enemies.

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