Lost Ark Movement Skill

Lost Ark Movement Skill

  • Movement Skill: click Space Bar

Fast movement skill: click Space Bar to utilize the movement skill.

To dodge is incredibly simple, but it might feel unnatural at first. Lost Ark calls the dodge a Movement skill, but it’s easier just to call it to dodge. All you have to do is press the Space Bar, and your character will go into a dodge, or if playing on the controller, press the A button.

Dodging allows you to avoid all oncoming attacks and makes it easier to get out of range in certain situations, such as Area of Attack moves—where the ground is highlighted red in a particular area.

Lost Ark Movement Skill

Yet spamming is not something you can constantly use because it will be on a cooldown timer for X amount of seconds after you use it. Meaning you can only dodge again after the cooldown is over. These cooldown timers differ depending on your class. For example, the Assassin class has a six-second cooldown, but the Sharpshooter has a 10-second cooldown.

Because of this cooldown, it’s best to use it when needed, as you do not want to be caught off-guard and hit with a powerful attack because you have X amount of cooldown remaining. Think of dodging as a more strategic maneuver used at the opportune moment.

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Fast! Movement Skill(quest)

Level: 1. Zone: Training Room.

Dodge a foe’s attack by using the Movement skill.

Description: I can use to utilize the Movement skill to move faster than when using a mouse. I can use the Movement skill to dodge the red mark that appears when a foe attacks. I can use it consecutively by pressing it twice.

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