Black Zenith Fingerless Silk Gloves - Path of Exile

Black Zenith Fingerless Silk Gloves

Black Zenith

Black Zenith is a unique Fingerless Silk Gloves. Gloves. Energy Shield: 45–52.

Requires Level 70, 95 Int.

  • (12–16)% increased Spell Damage

  • Socketed Projectile Spells deal 150% more Damage with Hits
  • Socketed Projectile Spells have +4 seconds to Cooldown
  • Socketed Projectile Spells fire 4 additional Projectiles
  • Socketed Projectile Spells fire Projectiles in a circle
  • Socketed Projectile Spells have 80% less Skill Effect Duration
  • (140–180)% increased Energy Shield

Flavour Text: He reached for his home one last time, a shining jewel among the stars... only to watch in horror as it ruptured and shattered under a tide of limbs.

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  • Socketed Projectiles Spells have +4 seconds to Cooldown adds a cooldown to spells with no inherent Cooldown; spells with Cooldowns have their base Cooldown increased by 4 seconds. Channeling spells begin their cooldown after the cast button is released.
  • Socketed Projectiles Spells fire Projectiles in a circle causes spells to fire projectiles equidistant 360 degrees around you. This overrides the existing behaviour of projectile skills (e.g. Ice Spear will no longer fire in a volley).
  • Unleash does NOT work with Black Zenith, as Unleash cannot support skills with a cooldown
  • Multiple copies of the same spell SHARE a cooldown, unlike Unleash
  • Different spells socketed inside a Black Zenith have separate cooldowns

Item acquisition

Black Zenith has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Monster restrictions

This item can be acquired from the following monsters:

  • The Infinite Hunger