Presence of Chayula PoE Price, Build, Farming, Recipe

Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula is a unique Onyx Amulet. Requires Level 60. Popularity: 3%(High).

Presence of Chayula Build Stats

Name Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula Total stats
  • +(10-16) to Intelligence
  • +(10-16) to Strength
  • +(10-16) to Dexterity
Rarity of Items 30% increased Rarity of Items found
  • 20% of Maximum Life Converted to Energy Shield
  • Cannot be Stunned
Resistance +60% to Chaos Resistance

Presence of Chayula Price

In the trade marketplace, the price of Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula Onyx Amulet is 35 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs.

Presence of Chayula Price

Eye of Chayula Farming – Eye of Chayula upgrade recipe

A Blessing of Chayula Blessing of Chayula is a currency item that can be used to upgrade certain Breach unique items.

Outcome Amount Ingredient General Notes
Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula 1 Blessing of Chayula Blessing of Chayula Upgrading an alternate artwork Eye of Chayula Eye of Chayula will not result in an alternate artwork Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula (which does not exist).
1 Eye of Chayula Eye of Chayula

PoE Presence of Chayula Build

Character: 98 Occultist

Life: 1409 Strength: 128
Energy Shield: 8580 Dexterity: 139
Mana: 1700 Intelligence: 533
Evasion Rating: 2041 Charges: E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 3
Armour: 3840

Main Skills Build

Main skill: Essence Drain Essence Drain. DAMAGE OVER TIME: 1.6M. Damage types: Chaos(100%). These are the support skill gems for Essence Drain Essence Drain:

Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula Build: Essence Drain Essence Drain Supports Popularity
Efficacy Efficacy 99.00%
Swift Affliction Swift Affliction 99.00%
Void Manipulation Void Manipulation 99.00%
Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction 99.00%
Empower Empower 95.00%
Arcane Surge Arcane Surge 2.00%
Onslaught Onslaught 0.50%
Item Rarity Item Rarity 0.50%
Energy Leech Energy Leech 0.50%
Chain Chain 0.50%
Decay Decay 0.50%

Skill Gems Build

Body Armour: Essence Drain Essence Drain, Void Manipulation Void Manipulation, Empower Empower, Swift Affliction Swift Affliction, Efficacy Efficacy, Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction
Weapon: Wither Wither, Spell Totem Spell Totem, Multiple Totems Multiple Totems
Offhand Weapon: Shield Charge Shield Charge, Fortify Fortify, Faster Attacks Faster Attacks
Helmet: Contagion Contagion, Intensify Intensify, Increased Area of Effect Increased Area of Effect, Arcane Surge Arcane Surge
Gloves: Clarity Clarity, Blood Magic Blood Magic, Vaal Discipline Vaal Discipline, Malevolence Malevolence
Boots: Enfeeble Enfeeble, Blasphemy Blasphemy, Temporal Chains Temporal Chains, Despair Despair, Aspect of the Spider

Passive Skill Build

Presence of Chayula Passive Skill Build

Equipment Build

Body Armour: Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings Occultist’s Vestment

Weapon: Rift Goad Profane Wand

Offhand Weapon: Atziri’s Reflection Atziri’s Reflection Golden Buckler

Helmet: Pain Peak Hubris Circlet

Gloves: Dire Hand Fingerless Silk Gloves

Boots: Sorrow Trail Sorcerer Boots

Belt: Fate Bind Stygian Vise

Amulet: Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula Onyx Amulet

Ring: Fate Gyre Two-Stone Ring, Dream Fragments Dream Fragments Sapphire Ring

Jewels: Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel, Vivid Glimmer Cobalt Jewel, Oblivion Shine Cobalt Jewel, Foul Gaze Hypnotic Eye Jewel

Flasks: Chemist’s Sulphur Flask of Curing, Chemist’s Quartz Flask of Staunching, Chemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline, Chemist’s Basalt Flask of Grounding, Rumi’s Concoction Rumi’s Concoction Granite Flask


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

Onyx Amulet Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Astramentis Astramentis 20
Eye of Chayula Eye of Chayula 20
Carnage Heart Carnage Heart 20
Hinekora’s Sight Hinekora’s Sight 20
Presence of Chayula Presence of Chayula 60
Yoke of Suffering Yoke of Suffering 70
Impresence Impresence 64
Aul’s Uprising Aul’s Uprising 55
Solstice Vigil Solstice Vigil 64

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