The Way Forward

The Way Forward Guide

Quest Location 
  • Prisoner’s Gate (Act 1)
  • The Western Forest (Act 2)
Start  Talk to Tarkleigh after entering The Ledge(Act 1)
Objective  Open the blocked pass between The Western Forest and Prisoner’s Gate
Completion  Talk to Bestel(Lioneye’s Watch, Act 1)
Boss  Captain Arteri
Key Item  Thaumetic Emblem

Note: you need to travel to Act 2 to finish this quest.

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Kill Captain Arteri to get the Thaumetic Emblem

  • Location: The Western Forest(Act 2)
  • Unique monster: Captain Arteri

Once you reach The Western Forest in Act 2 you can follow the road to the blocked exit. Kill Captain Arteri for the Thaumetic Emblem.

Kill Captain Arteri for the Thaumetic Emblem

Use the Thaumetic Emblem on the Thaumetic Seal, opening the way to the Prisoner’s Gate.

Use the Thaumetic Emblem

Quest Complete

Talk to Bestel in Lioneye’s Watch to receive your reward.

Quest Rewards

You have opened the blocked pass between the Western Forest and Prisoner’s Gate. Bestel has rewarded you with 1 Passive Skill Point.

  • Book of Skill: grants a Passive Skill Point

The Way Forward Reward

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