Grand Company FFXIV Missions Seals and Gil

Grand Companies are organizations that players will join at around level 20 by completing the main story quests. There are three grand companies, The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa, The Immortal Flames from Ul’dah, and The Order of the Twin Adder from Gridania.

Grand Companies are divided into numerous ranks, with players starting at the lowest rank of Private Third Class. Promotions can be earned with a special currency called Company Seals. These seals can also be exchanged with the Grand Company Quartermaster for weapons, armour, crafting materials, and items such as Ventures.

  • Participating in FATEs and the Duty Roulette also awards Company Seals once players have joined a Grand Company
  • Players do not need to choose the Grand Company from their city of origin and can also change their Grand Company later if they wish.

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Adventurer Squadrons allow players to take command of soldiers in their respective Grand Companies. Players can deploy these recruits on missions (similar to Retainer Ventures) to gain rewards, as well as experience for recruits.

Additionally, recruits of a sufficient rank can be taken on Command Missions, allowing them to join you in dungeons as NPC party members.

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is based in the seafaring city of Limsa Lominsa.

The Immortal Flames

The Immortal Flames is based in the desert city of Ul’dah.

The Order of the Twin Adder

The Order of the Twin Adder is based in the forest city of Gridania.


Supply and Provision Missions

Grand Companies are always in need of supplies in their daily operations. Players can earn experience points for specific classes and company seals by crafting or gathering the items required and delivering them. Talk to a Grand Company Personnel Officer to complete the delivery. Complete missions and farming FFXIV Gil fast.

  • There is one daily request for every crafting and gathering class each, and the experience rewarded is given to the respective class.
  • The items required changes every day, with higher-level items being requested as the corresponding class levels up. Players can check the items by selecting the Timers under the Duty tab in the main menu.
  • Items with a star next to them will yield extra experience points.
  • Supply and Provision Missions reset every day at 21.00 server time.

Expert Delivery Missions

Grand Companies also accept rare equipment. Players can donate these sellable items to their grand companies in exchange for seals. Players can speak to a Grand Company Personnel Officer to donate items.

  • Acceptable items include all gear that with names that are not yellow in their help window.
  • You must have reached Sergeant Second Class in your grand company for this option.
  • Equipment items obtained from dungeons, trials, or tomestone vendors may be repeatedly delivered as desired. However, weapon and armor obtained from job quests or repurchased from the Calamity Salvager cannot be delivered.

Grand Company Leves

Players can complete these special levequests to earn items, experience and company seals.

Changing Grand Companies

Upon reaching the rank of Second Lieutenant, granting access to their stock and allowing acquisition of Grand Company-specific minions and Chocobo Bardings. They will also be eligible to change their Grand Company altogether, though doing so will place them at the lowest rank of Private Third Class.

  • After changing your allegiance, you must wait 15 days before changing again.
  • The first change is free, but any subsequent changes will cost 50,000 FFXIV Gil.

Upon returning to a Grand Company after a transfer, your previous rank will be restored, allowing you to ‘max out’ all three Grand Companies if you wish.


Rank Seals Needed for Next Rank Maximum Seals Comments
Private Third Class 2000 10,000
Private Second Class 3000 15,000
Private First Class 4000 20,000
Corporal 5000 25,000
Sergeant Third Class 6000 30,000 Must complete Company Hunting Log Rank 1
Sergeant Second Class 7000 35,000
Sergeant First Class 8000 40,000
Chief Sergeant 9000 45,000 Must complete Shadows Uncast
Second Lieutenant 10,000 50,000 Must complete Gilding the Bilious

Must complete Company Hunting Log Rank 2

First Lieutenant 0 80,000 When your squadron reaches Rank 3 in Adventurer Squadrons
Captain 0 90,000 Must complete 5 Unique Command Missions

Must complete Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike

Second Commander  ??  ??
First Commander  ??  ??
High Commander  ??  ??
Rear Marshal  ??  ??
Vice Marshal  ??  ??
Marshal  ??  ??
Grand Marshal  ??  ??
Champion  ??  ??


For thousands of years, Eorzea has been a victim to catastrophic cycles of destruction and rebirth that periodically envelops the realm and threatens all who live upon her soil; each time faced with a tragedy seemingly worse than the last. Despite this, the peoples of Eorzea have found some way to persevere.

One method, seemingly going back hundreds of generations, has been the establishment of comprehensive command centres which combine the military, economic and technological resources of a city-state to better prepare for the coming doom. These are the Grand Companies of Eorzea.

The last recorded emergence of the Grand Companies was nearly 1,500 years ago, at the end of the Fifth Astral Era and the arrival of the great deluge which triggered the dark period known as the Sixth Umbral Era. It was through these companies that the then warring city-states were able to put aside their bitter differences and join together to form an alliance and ensure the realm survived.

With the recent attacks by the Garlean Empire seen as an imminent threat to the realm, there have been scattered talks of restoring the Grand Companies to their former glory, but conflicting agendas on all sides have slowed progress. That is, until the appearance of an adventurer who set in motion the wheels of hope.

Grand Company Quests

A limited number of Grand Company Quests can, or must, be undertaken throughout the game. These quests typically unlock various optional content, such as:

Dzemael Darkhold
The Aurum Vale

Company Seals

Company seals are the main currency used within the Grand Companies. These are used to purchase key items, medicines, weapons, and armor, some of which are unique to each company, as well as to advance in company ranks. Initially, players can hold a max of 10,000 seals, but as they progress in ranks, they can hold a maximum of 90,000 seals.

There are multiple ways to acquire Grand Company seals:

  • Grand Company Levequests grant seals as rewards.
  • Grand Company Hunting Logs grant seals as rewards. These logs can be completed only once.
  • F.A.T.E.s. Seals are awarded upon the completion (whether by victory or defeat) based on performance.
  • Provisioning and Supply missions. Your grand company’s Personnel Officer will request specific items based on your Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land levels at the start of that day. You can turn in one item (or group of items if so requested) per (unlocked) Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land class per day. If you turn in a High-Quality () item, you will receive a higher reward, which comes in the form of Company seals and experience points.
  • Expert Delivery. Certain Weapons and Armor can be exchanged for Company Seals by talking to the Personnel Officer associated with your Grand Company. Turning in a  item will not increase the amount of seals earned. In order to redeem items for seals, you must have reached Sergeant Second Class in your grand company. Not all items are available to be redeemed; they must have a Pink () Green () or Blue () background color on the icon and have an NPC Sell value. Seals are awarded at a rate of 11.5 times the item level.

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