PoE Harvest Storage Tank

There are four main types of infrastructure: Lifeforce Collector (harvests your plants and lets you craft), Disperser (uses Condensed Lifeforce to grow advanced plants), Storage Tank (holds more Condensed Lifeforce for later use) and Pylon (used to connect pieces of your infrastructure). Oshabi will give you some infrastructure freely, but you can craft more later on.

Storage Tank

Storage Tank stores Condensed Lifeforce(1,000 units). A Storage Tank must be connected to a Collector, and will store Condensed Lifeforce of that Collector’s particular type. Dispersers can be connected to Storage Tanks to use the stored Condensed Lifeforce.

Storage Tank

Higher tiers of seeds require Condensed Lifeforce in order to grow. You’ll need to install a Disperser in order to spread the Condensed Lifeforce that you’ve stored. A Disperser must be connected to a Collector or Storage Tank to work.

Tier 2 seeds (and higher) have various requirements that need to be met in order for them to grow. Some need a certain amount of Condensed Lifeforce of a particular type (i.e. Lifeforce which has come from a particular type of seed). Some also need to be grown within close proximity to seeds of a particular type. This information is displayed on seeds before they’re planted and still visible after they’re planted.

For example, Wild Bristlebeast Grain Wild Bristlebeast Grain is a tier 2 seed. It consumes 9 Vivid Units of Condensed Lifeforce per Growth Cycle. It requires 4 Adjacent Wild Seeds of at least Tier 1 to Grow as well.

Storage Tank High Seed

A seed whose growth conditions are not met will not grow, and will flash red. As you climb the tiers of seeds, you may need access to more Condensed Lifeforce than your Collectors can store. That’s where Storage Tanks come in!

Advanced Storage Tank: 5,000 units

GGG has introduced an Advanced Storage Tank with a capacity of up to 5,000 units that you'll be able to purchase for a significant amount of Lifeforce.

Advanced Storage Tank

If you own one or more of these new larger tanks, a placed tank will have a 'swap' button on it that you can click which will automatically swap the new large tank with the existing tank that you select. Any Lifeforce contained in the smaller tank will be deposited into the newly-purchased larger tank.

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How to get Storage Tank?

The first Storage Tank you get from Oshabi for quests with her. After that, you’ll need to craft it for 75 lifeforces. This option is available after you harvest the seeds.

Get Storage Tank

How to use Storage Tank?

Right-click a Storage Tank then left-click a location within the Sacred Grove to place it.

You can also get Storage Tank back to your inventory: Control-Click to return this Storage Tank to your inventory. This will disconnect any attached Pylon conduits.

Fill a Storage Tank with 250 Lifeforce is a PoE Challenge: Complete Harvest Encounter II.

Use Storage Tank

3.11.1c Patch Notes

  • Storage Tanks can now hold up to 1,000 Condensed Lifeforce.
  • Added a Advanced Storage Tank(5,000 Condensed Lifeforce) which can be created through Harvest Crafting.

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