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Best Way to get OSRS Gold

I know some people will hate me for this, but I will publish it.It’s just my story about how all this is going on.

I have been looking for gold for a variety of reasons (like making money, and the m/USD conversion is OK).When I grew up, I had begun to have a better mind about how to look at runescape.

Runescape has always been interesting to me, but after joining the community and eventually working for some Jinnong companies, I decided to join the company and do something for myself.It is very profitable to become a well-known seller.I have never had a website to sell all my wealth because I really don’t like people who have to maintain or store logs.I cultivated my gold and sold it directly to the other Jinnong I worked for, which was purely profit to me anyway.

It was really slow at first, because there was really no good computer to run a lot of accounts at that time, but then all of this was restored and then when the robots/new computer specifications began to go Madden .

I went all out and started selling bulk gold and managing bulk accounts (which was super easy money and easy to do at this time), which made me a lot of money.Considering about a year or so, I became widely known by contacting, eventually working for their brother site, and the owner customized the script according to my preferences.After building this partnership, I came up with the idea of making a robot with Sudoku and running the robot with about 10–20 accounts per day.That gave me a lot of reputation, which eventually led to the fact that the gold farmers I sold to him every day could not buy the gold I earned.Ultimately, this led some companies to ask me to join my partnership, which actually saw it as a co-owner of very large gold mines.I hardly know what they want is that I give them a way so they can use it themselves and lie to the whole partner.Then I leaked the information, which led me to join rsbot.After publishing information about this and how to build a gold farm, I met some like-minded people who wanted to profit from the rogue’s escape.

I had a man who eventually sold all my rsbot gold, which made him famous, but later won all the honors.I felt bored, but it didn’t bother me because I didn’t want to be the person responsible for dealing with clients.Along this road, I began to meet/talk with the creator of the robot and discuss ways to make money, then I discussed Runescape membership with some people through pinlines that I could reach, and how we could use it.I didn’t know it would grow so fast at first, and we started testing it, and when it worked, we developed it on a large scale (automatically executing calls and creating a software that stores code and master code to make pins for six months before they expired).

At this point, I earned about $25,000 a month and started investing in mass production, because later Jagex cancelled this method, so I had to find a new way to make money.After a long time, I didn’t think about anything, so I decided to play around and find out what I could make money.By this time, General Electric had gone bankrupt and I saw a lot of money.My main point is that when I play rs, I never want to grab/make the materials needed for the task, so I only store the items people will buy.

Eventually I got 300,000 summer pies, which gave me some control over the market.I started using payparus to do the same thing, and I actually had to make a script for multiple accounts.This may be one of the problems I encountered when I was constantly subject to bans and lost investment funds.At first it made some good money, but the next day my account was banned, so I was angry.Then, I started talking to my old friends who had worked with me and eventually came up with ideas that have kept most people from thinking so far, but I will not mention this method because it is still available and, as of March 30, 2016, earns about 450k per hour on Level 3 (without statistics).Sorry, I didn’t mention the method because I said I would quit for moral reasons.

At any point in 2015, I started working with someone who had worked for me because he seemed very enthusiastic and always loyal to what he said.We did something and tested the field on killers.We started to breed Shuanglong on a large scale using a perfectly profitable robot.All these things went well until 2016.Since updating to the Dragon frees up more space, we have gained considerable experience, and we can run about four instances of the Dragon on each monitor (we have a lot of computers and monitors).Our daily rsgp value is about $2700.Having a sub-account and collecting/replenishing/replenishing Feilong is a big deal.At this point, our friends go to the office to play for us (he has his own, just as I have his own).Things were going on fast until we peaked, and eventually made him greedy and took the bill away from me.

I have always been an investor and a manager.Later I found that all my account passwords had been changed (I used random emails, passwords), and I thought it was only my computer that was hacked by a personal hacker until I logged in and found that these accounts were still running.He just ignored me and sold the gold directly to Jinnong after two years of operation.

To make a long story short: This is a good choice, but eventually people will become greedy and skim behind your nose.There is no partner I can trust.I’m getting older, I really don’t want to deal with all these things, and I miss the days when I normally play runescape.

Is swapping rs3 gold for osrs gold bannable now?

It’s still allowed, but Jagex isn’t responsible if you get scammed. Need to be careful who you swap with.

What can you do now in OSRS

OSRS attempts to restore some of the player base lost by canceling Wildy and Free Trade a few years ago.

Although many players return to play, the game has flaws and cannot thrive again.

Its graphics are out of date

It can be said that the graphics of RuneScape 3 have been updated, and the graphics of OSRS are undoubtedly correct.With the advent of realistic games, this is the main disadvantage of OSRS.

It uses outdated technology

Jagex himself has realized the problems that Java poses as a platform, and since OSRS provides a small number of users and is committed to solving this problem, and Java3 is changing the problem with RS3, I find it unlikely that they will be willing to transplant it.The Chrome browser has stopped supporting Java, and other browsers will follow up soon — this actually means that RuneScape was not a browser-based game, it was one of the major professional games of the time.

Battle systems are out of date

No matter how controversial the EoC update is, Jagex is right.Nowadays, most MMORPGs have capability-based combat systems, and most MMORPG players are used to such systems.OSRS click-and-click battles are too simple and bad luck for them.

The market has changed

At that time, people worried that they had to download 10GB to play the game.At that time, the concern was to pay $70 for the game, but only once a month for subscriptions.At that time, the competition for MMORPG style was not as tight as it is today.Nowadays, there is no problem downloading large files to play games, which means browser-based games no longer have an advantage.From an overall perspective, the game market is moving from computers to mobile equipment .

My initial response mentioned that OSRS is limited to current subscribers.This was the case initially, but it changed later.Thanks Justin Charnell for pointing out this point.

OSRS is a very admirable move by Jagex and I personally respect it very much.They made a decision as early as 2007, when it was reasonable and reformulated as the tide changed.They listened to the community, but OSRS never aimed to attract new players, but only to save veterans — they were very successful, and in some cases, after staying away from users for no more than 4 years, they could only do something.

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