Splitting Steel PoE Skill

PoE Heist adds one new Steel Skill: Splitting Steel. It also reworks both Shattering Steel Shattering Steel and Lancing Steel Lancing Steel.

Splitting Steel Splitting Steel consume a Steel Shard to fire a single projectile that splits on impact or at the targeted location, dealing area damage when it splits and again when the split projectiles explode at the end of their flight. Requires a Sword or Axe. Steel Shards are gained with the Call of Steel Skill.

It requires Level 70, 98 Str, 68 Dex. Tag: Attack, Projectile, AoE, Physical

  • Deals 168.4% of Base Damage
  • 75 to 113 Added Attack Physical Damage
  • Modifiers to number of Projectiles instead apply to
  • the number of targets Projectile Splits towards
  • Projectiles Split towards 4 targets
  • +4 to radius
  • If you have no Steel Shards, Projectile counts as already having Split
  • 60% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit
  • Projectiles which have Split deal 35% less Damage
  • 20% increased Impale Effect
  • Projectiles can Split without hitting a target
  • 50% less Area of Effect after Splitting
  • Consumes up to 1 Steel Shard

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Superior Splitting Steel

Splitting Steel Guide

Splitting Steel is a new low level skill that uses the shard mechanic. Each use fires a single shard that explodes into additional projectiles when it hits an enemy or reaches the targeted location, creating smaller shards that fly towards nearby enemies before detonating in smaller explosions. The skill has some added physical damage and a chance to impale, something that wasn't previously accessible at such low levels.

Splitting Steel

Support Gems

Changes have been made to the Split mechanic that means Splitting now occurs before other projectile behaviours; This means that Fork, Pierce or Chain would take place after Split has generated all of the additional projectiles, opening up all sorts of interesting ways to take advantage of these mechanics.

Alternate Quality

Default 20% increased Impale Effect
Alternate Quality 1 10% chance to inflict an additional Impale when this Skill inflcits Impale
Alternate Quality 2 10% increased Area of Effect
20% increased Projectile Speed
Alternate Quality 3 Grants Minions 40% increased Damage

Splitting Steel Build Example

The new steel skill is splitting steel. Once you call shards, you consume a shard to fire a single projectile that explodes on impact, creating smaller projectiles that then hit any surrounding enemies. It’s fun to note that these smaller impacts will also generate explosions, albeit smaller ones.

Path of Exile: Heist Splitting Steel skill

Splitting Steel consume a Steel Shard to fire a single impaling projectile that splits on impact and creates an explosion of damage. The split projectiles fly at nearby enemies and create smaller explosions on impact.

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