Thaumaturgical History Prophecy PoE 4, 3, 2, 1, Ascent From Flesh

Thaumaturgical History is a four-part prophecy chain. Completing it drops the unique Ascent From Flesh Ascent From Flesh.


  • Thaumaturgical History I
  • Thaumaturgical History II
  • Thaumaturgical History III
  • Thaumaturgical History IV
Item Reward Objective Seal
Thaumaturgical History I N/A You will read Shavronne’s Journal in The Upper Prison (Act 1). Tentacle Miscreations will be summoned. 4
Thaumaturgical History II N/A You will read Doedre’s Proclamation in The Western Forest. Skeletons will be summoned. 5
Thaumaturgical History III N/A You will inspect the Ancient Reverie Device in The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 2). Skeletons will be summoned who use Storm Call Storm Call. 6
Thaumaturgical History IV The Ascent From Flesh Ascent From Flesh will drop. You will read Malachai’s Dedication in The Harvest The Harvest (area). Malachai’s Laureate will be summoned. 7

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Thaumaturgical History Example

Thaumaturgical History Example

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