Set a NBA 2K21 MT and VC paydays

This is a very important part of the plan. Every day or when you reach a certain number, it is not wise to use machine translation and venture capital. Most of the time, this method will never allow you to get the most out of your card or accurately evaluate it when you need to upgrade.

If you play MyTeam games every day (if possible, you should have some cool daily login rewards and wheel spins), you will accumulate a lot of nba 2K21 mt .Group, you can earn VC from other modes, and in-game The supply of resources is unlimited. Train yourself to use the percentages we discussed earlier and spend only one day a week.

If Friday is the payday of your MT and VC, then this is the day you should go to the auction house to buy packs . For example, if you accumulate 80,000 metric MT a week and add 45,000 VCs, you know that you will take 40,000 metric MT to the auction house and use the other half to buy packs .

If you have 45,000 VCs, you can inject more than 33,000 VCs into your MyPlayer, but another one can be used for packs . If you want to know, it’s okay to spend tokens every day, especially if you’re a completionist. Those cards will only increase your collection. There is no real benefit to saving tokens unless you are not interested in getting the next available reward.

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About a week after entering NBA 2K21, my favorite pastime is in the neighborhood. The content of the game is very detailed, similar to MMO, which is where people watch. By comparing people’s (or lack of) fashion choices with the biography cards that appear below everyone you meet, you can learn a lot about people.

That guy is new here. That guy bought the legend. That guy must have spent all his money on clothes. That guy must have spent all his money on ratings. That guy spent real money on both.

When you’re dealing with social events like pickup basketball, the main experience of your neighborhood, it’s inevitable to measure yourself with others and judge them quietly. This is not to say that I don’t want my character to be insulted in 2-2 or 3-3 games, I know it’s likely to happen; I just don’t want to waste my teammates’ time. As soon as I hit the ball , it’s the same thing that I put up a brick, or a little hesitation that broke my ankle. My 62 overall rating and general clothing are what I really don’t belong to.

Even if my character is on the bench in most of his NBA games, I can upgrade myself through a large number of free virtual currencies to improve my level. But the fastest way to adapt is to buy better skills in cash. Even though the code 2K sports gave polygon a legendary version of NBA 2K21, I had a strong incentive to do so in my heart – it offered a modest entry wardrobe and 100000 virtual currencies with an extra $40 (equivalent to VC cash) on the price tag, no bonus or volume discount. Those start-up funds can buy an 82 rating for my players before I take my first picture. On the contrary, however, just as I easily bought things after making money or avoiding large bills, I briefly considered spending $60 on moolah in the game. Why not? I’ll still pay for NBA 2K21, right?

The mistake is that my job here is to experience the NBA 2K21 without any real money and see if I can still have a good time. Yes, as long as I focus on the real single player part of mycareer. NBA 2K used to put it in my pocket on every menu in mycareer, and it didn’t do it anymore, or at least it didn’t do much. But the social pressure to spend is still there, and the more I tend to embrace mycareer’s emerging exceptionalism Fantasy – that’s half the fun of a career model – the stronger.

Mycareer’s storytelling is excellent and embellished with A-level celebrities whose skills and acting skills make you an ideal choice to be the next important thing in the league. In the game playing method, it is easy to reach the top draft level, and let yourself and your favorite club and the accompanying large-scale VC payday. Once taken away by a team, the following game practice cycle is easy to be aroused, and half a season will give me enough motivation to upgrade and become a respectable contributor in multiplayer games.

I suspect most people will start this way – I’ll grind a rookie season, maybe rejoin the trend and come out with some points I can take to the streets. But I can say that a lot of discipline is needed to maintain this level. Only a true ascetic can put everything into the player’s process, and still run around in sweatpants and green shirts that everyone was wearing at the beginning. But in the first week of playing the game, I met a lot of green and gray. They’re just not in any multiplayer game. You can buy myteam points 2K21 at U4GM with coupon Z123 as well.

The mycareer model has been criticized for the existence and unlimited influence of real money, which has never been the career model of Madden NFL and FIFA, while MLB the show decreased a year ago. What bothers me, however, is something more subtle than the “to win” plan. When the money to buy cosmetics is also closely related to progress, it is a moral choice to change my face. It is worth mentioning in the special program after school: do you want to play like a ballet dancer or a son, or just want to look like a ballet dancer? 5000 VC (the highest five game revenue of mycareer’s NBA game), you can buy this fashionable Hedo Turkoglu Jersey from the NBA store, or you can bring some improvement to my mid-range shooting.

So why not spend freely on both?

I’ve seen people hit defenders with that sweet spin drive to lay up their baskets easily. It’s not worth buying, but hoodies, shoes and even the overall score of 90 are OK. It looks like you’re in the matchmaking zone and most of the players are at your level. I’ve always seen more players than professionals at the rookie level, and no one in superstars or legends, but it’s probably only a week from the release. But I’m still frustrated with my humiliation, because they made a phone call about their 1960s ratings, and everyone started with green shirts and grey sweatpants.

Even if I can avoid Micro Trading (and I’ve never had the desire to play myteam, which is more annoying for its entertainment, where everyone exercised last month), mycareer still seems to be constrained by the caste system, and people below 80 are excluded, but not entirely part of the experience. That’s what I focused on when 6K sports first mixed its career model with virtual money, and so did others. Although developers have gradually given up selling everything (because of the once infamous lineup changes), this social structure still exists, both as part of the game and not as a real part. Just like me.

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