A good build for an awesome Poe currency

Create a magic lookup build. The magic discovery has increased the number and rarity of drops. We even have an MF build guide to help you.

Don’t be afraid to do league mechanics. If you play deep enough with them, the league mechanism is a good source of a high-end drop. For legion, look for the chest named legion in the monolith encounter, a gold mine, which can reward you more currency items in the path of exile.

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Choose a few goals and focus. This will allow you to customize your style of play and build the choices you want to farm.

Choose a build that suits your specific goals, so if you want to plant on the Uber labyrinth farm, choose a build that suits you.

There is always a good loot filter, and Neversink’s Semi-Strict is a pretty good baseline. You can also check out our guide on the blight loot filter.

Prices change over time. As the age of the league increases, the price will naturally fall, so the price of 3 chaos at the beginning of the league will be lower than the price of 1 chaos in a few weeks. Always use POE. Trade or other tools to accurately price your products to ensure they can be sold.

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