PoE Zana Daily Mission, How to Get More Zana Missions

Zana can only be encountered in maps.

When encountering Zana, she will give you a selection of randomly rolled maps to choose from, each with different missions. Each map will be magic, rare or unique, may have quality, maybe unidentified and/or corrupted, and at higher levels, maybe Shaper or Elder influenced. If the map is unidentified, the modifiers will be revealed once the map is entered, and you will not get the quantity bonus for running an unidentified map. Once chosen, she will open six portals to a map where the mission takes place. Leaving a normal Zana mission map, whether via a portal or resurrecting at a checkpoint after dying, only exits the “inner” map. You may reenter a Zana map even after completing or failing the mission so long as portals remain.

Zana Daily Mission

Zana Mission Notes
Complete the map. Complete the map.
Find the lodestones (10 needed) A few extra are provided.
Kill all of the corrupted monsters. Multiple packs of Shaper or Elder enemies are added to the map. A counter is shown after the first one is killed.
Complete the Labyrinth Trial. Completion will count towards your Eternal Labyrinth unlock requirements.
Find the Map. The map drops from an enemy and is not marked on the map. The mission is completed when a map drops. There is a higher chance this map drop is magic or rare. You may keep the item.
Find the Unique item. The unique item drops from an enemy and is not marked on the map. The mission is completed when the a unique item drops. You may keep the item.
Find the Divination Card. A Divination Card drops from an enemy and is not marked on the map. The mission is completed when a Divination Card drops. You may keep the item.
Find the Vaal Fragment. A random Vaal Fragment drops from an enemy and is not marked on the map. Mission is completed when the fragment drops. You may keep the item.
Kill all of the Rogue Exiles. The map will contain two to four additional Rogue Exiles. All Rogue Exiles must be killed, including any spawned by prophecies, map mods, and the one that can randomly spawn in any area. Rogue Exiles spawned after the mission is complete (e.g. from Strongboxes) don’t need to be killed.
Slay the Invasion boss. The map will contain an Invasion boss.
Slay the Beyond boss. The map will contain a pack of Voidspawn of Abaxoth Bloodline mobs, which will spawn the boss when killed. They are marked on the minimap.
Slay the Warband. The map will contain a set of Warband mobs.
Open the Breaches. The map will contain two Breaches. The objective is fulfilled by beginning the Breach; you don’t need to engage the resulting monsters.
Complete the Abyss. The map will contain an Abyss. The mission completes when the Abyssal Trove or Abyssal Depths entrance spawns; you don’t need to enter the Depths. The mission is failed if the Abyss becomes sealed.
Slay the Harbingers. The map will contain two Harbingers.
Open the unique Strongbox. The map will contain a random unique Strongbox. You must kill the guarding monsters before the objective is complete.
Slay the monsters trapped in Essences. Two groups of monsters with Essences will spawn. You must kill both the Rare monster holding the Essence and the Magic monsters guarding it.
Complete the Legion monolith. The zone contains one Legion monolith. The mission completes once all freed Legion monsters have been killed.
Slay the Shaper or Elder Guardian. The map is a Shaper or Elder-influenced map containing one of the Guardians.

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Missions in Magic or Rare maps may have one of these time limits:

  • 40 seconds, killing monsters extends the time limit by 1s each.
  • 100 seconds, touching a Standing Stone extends the time limit by 25s each. Standing stones are marked on the minimap.
  • 300 seconds, no extensions.

Missions in Unique maps will always require only that you complete the map, and will never have a time limit. Missions to complete a Labyrinth Trial will also not have a time limit.


The selection of maps offered by Zana for her missions will be the either the same tier or one higher than the map you encounter her in. There is a small chance for her to offer unique maps (ignoring base map tier), including Untainted Paradise Untainted Paradise, which is only available as part of a Zana mission.

How to Get More Zana Missions

1. Zana Missions +1

Each day five new master missions (1 for each master) at will be added to the player’s accumulation after the reset at 0:00am (GMT+0) based on the tier (white, yellow, red) of the player’s last completed map. The map must be completed the day before in their own map device. Completing party-play maps from other players map devices does not count.

Zana Missions +1

2. Complete map

There is 35% chance (on average 7% per master) to have additional master mission from completing the map.

Tips: Run short maps (like  City Square Map) to gain master missions. Efficiency increases with Awakening Bonus completion. If possible, favourite the map, and manipulate watchstones to keep the map at a low red rank to optimize clearspeed.

3. Zana Sextants

Use Prime and Awakened Sextants for chance to roll “Area contains Zana”.

Name Stats
MapAtlasContainsZanaMission 3 uses remaining
Areas contain Zana

4. Master mission prophecies

A Master Seeks Help A Master Seeks Help: You will find Zana and complete her mission.

Zana mission prophecy

5. Wild Bristle Matron Bulbs

In Harvest league, harvesting Wild Bristle Matron Bulb Wild Bristle Matron Bulb will allow exchanging a map for atlas missions.

  • Sacrifice a Map to gain 3 Zana Atlas Missions based on its colour.

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