Complete Map Tiers 10000

Complete Map Tiers: 10000

Complete 10,000 map tiers. Completing a tier 1 map gives 1 tier, completing a tier 2 map gives 2 tiers, and so on.

Complete Map Tiers 10000

Map Tiers

There are 16 tiers of maps, each tier corresponding to an area level. The lowest tier drops during progression through the game and once inside the map, higher tier maps start dropping. Magic and rare monsters can drop maps that are +1 tier above and map bosses can drop +2 tiers above the map area the character is in, respectively.

Map tier Tier range Map level range
Low tier maps 1 – 5 68 – 72
Mid tier maps 6 – 10 73 – 77
Top tier maps 11 – 16 78 – 84

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Moving from one group of map tiers to the next often imposes a challenge as the higher tier maps become harder to sustain. Furthermore, mid-tier and top-tier maps introduce higher values for the mods they can roll, new mods that are more challenging, and combinations of mods that aren’t allowed to coexist on low-tier maps.

How to Complete a Map

Completion of a map means killing the map boss under certain circumstances.

  • To complete tier 1-5, you need to kill the boss in a magic version of that map (blue), or higher.
  • To complete tier 6-10, the map needs to be at least rare (yellow).
  • For tiers 11-16, the map needs to be rare AND corrupted (yellow and corrupted by a vaal orb).

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