Make millions of Gold in WoW Classic

Currently, according to the Titan Group, I have about 1.35 million wow gold in the role of Illidan’s server.

Make millions of Gold in WoW Classic

I did this expansion for about 350-400k, and this number swelled sharply during the expansion. In this expansion, I may have made at least 2 million gold. A few weeks ago, I dropped 300,000 gold on various items just because I could. Making money is so easy that it basically doesn’t make sense to me.

How did I make so much money? Almost just playing games casually. I have a plugin that can track weapon dungeons or weapon summons of various LFR fragments. I do a comprehensive summary of each LFR once a week, but only when the bonus increases (I do this mainly for legendary project opportunities, and the backpack is just a good bonus). Similarly, my daily hero runs are the same. If the bonus keeps appearing, sometimes I run several times a day.

Every time you do CTA, you will get some extra APs (which is good), and a bag with about 8-900 gold, 2-4 defaced enhanced runes, on my server , Each can sell more than 400 gold (I always sell on Tuesday, when everyone is stocking for raids time, and the highest price). I make a lot of money in this way. I sell more than 100 runes every week and often make a net profit of 50,000 pounds every Tuesday.

I will also sell some randomly made mats. I do n’t really plant the mats, I just pick herbs like my WQ, but I always have a lot of herbs to make flasks, or I sell the mats myself (this is usually more valuable). In addition, to me, one of the big money earners is a potent potion that has been used for a long time. Its price is usually 35-40 pieces of gold (although the price seems to have dropped since then), and you pay for each Sagra His blood made 10 (or more, with procs). There are these bloodstains in every hole in my body, and even with hundreds or thousands of potions, there are still more than 1,800 such bloodstains in my bank. I could turn them into more cushions, more gold, but I just thought “what’s the point? I don’t need money,” so I don’t work hard.

To me, making money in this expansion seems very easy, even easier than the last time (I went from being very poor to have a lot of money). I’m really glad to stop worrying about gold and focus on other things in the game.

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