WoW Gold Classic for Sale

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WoW Gold Classic is for sale

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What is WoW gold classic?

Money is the main currency in World of Warcraft(WoW) Classic. The money includes Copper Coins, Silver Coins, and Gold Coins. 100 Copper = 1 Silver, and 100 Silver = 1 Gold. Gold is the most useful coin in the trade market place. Players can see the total money at the bottom right of their open backpack window.

How to use WoW Classic Gold? The most usage of gold is for exchanging items. You can trade with other players, purchase items from vendors, or directly mail gold to your friends. You can also buy items from Auction House for which is the best place to buy or sell items.

How to obtain WoW Gold Classic? Except for buying from gold-sellers, the best method is to farm it yourself. One can acquire gold by doing quests, killing mobs, selling items to NPCs, putting items in Auction House, or received gold from your friends.

How to buy WoW classic gold?

There are 3 ways to buy gold in world of warcraft classic: Face to Face trade, mail in the game, and delivery through Auction House buyout. The best and safest way is to face to face trade.

  • 1.Face to Face Trade. Request a friend and whisper you for a trading place. Then meet you and exchange an item to the gold that you have purchased.
  • 2.Mail-in the Wow Classic. Gold seller directly mails wow gold in your mailbox. This method is not very safe. Because the Blizzard may consider the transaction is abnormal and banned the related account.
  • 3.Auction House. This is also recommended for it is always safe and fast. Choose Auctions to sell an item(recommend above Green Quality), set the duration to 24 hours, and set the buyout price. Gold sellers will buy these items and you will receive the wow gold that you have purchased from their site. For sellers like PVPBank, they will cover 5% of the Auction House Trading Fee. The following image shows how to trade via Auction House:

Buy wow gold through Auction House

How to farm WoW gold?

You can flip items in the Auction House, loot dead monsters, complete missions, or selling items. There are no best ways to obtain gold. Choose the best one that is only for you.

  • Loot money from a mob or chest. The fast wow gold is to kill mobs. Level your character and pick up any valuable items, then sell it for gold.
  • Complete quests. A quest always rewards you with money and experience. It can help you quickly level up to 60 and accumulate wealth.
  • Auction House. Flipping items in the auction house is not easy. However, profit is awesome. For skilled players, they can find certain items that will have a bigger price in the future and “buy low, sell high.” For normal players, you can also put your item in Auction House and obtain a lot of gold.
  • Create an ALT Account. An extra WoW Classic account not only adds the capacity of your bag but also helps you do more quests.
  • Join a party. For new beginners, the best way to play WoW well is to make friends with experienced players and join their party.
  • Gathering. You can make a number of coins with ore, herbs, fish, leather, etc. Just find useful items to pick up. These items should not use for you but for other players.
  • Craft items. For experienced players, craft items can make big money.
  • Save your coins. Be smart and think twice before buying items from others. While earning money takes lots of time, spend money is very easy.

Questions related to WoW classic gold

Where is the best place to buy wow gold?

Actually, the best way to get wow gold is to farm in the game. Choose the best ways that are suitable for you and do it again and again.
However, there are times you might need thousands of gold in a short time. In this way, buying is the only way. PVPBank is my favorite gold seller. I have purchased coins and gold from here for many years. In fact, over thousands of customers have bought currency here.

Is buying wow gold safe?

It depends. From the view of Blizzard, the behavior of buying gold is illegal. Since it hurts other player’s interests. The gold buyer can get items from the Auction House easily. As a normal player, for a safe purchase, you must choose a safe seller at first. The seller must not ask your password. The safe transaction method is Auction House or Face to Face trade. The process of buying is just like a normal purchase.