Velox Rune – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Velox Rune

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Velox Rune
  • Weapon function: Increases Agility scaling.
  • Shield function: Increases Agility attribute slightly.
  • Can be purchased from Gerlinde in Skyrest Bridge by offering the Chipped Rune Tablet, which grants access to a new service called Socket Runes along with an expansion of her inventory.

It can be socketed into Weapons and Shields. It can only be inserted into Agility or Meta rune slots.

Velox is one of the Runes available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Velox is a rune that increases physical damage for weapons and increases resistance to all status effects for shields. It has hidden lore related to the Age of Hysteria unleashed by a cabal of sorcerers..

Back when the Rhogar corruption was still recognised as a threat by the Hallowed Sentinels, any member of the order who became infected, from lowly Avowed to esteemed Abbess, was treated equally.

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