Dimexus Rune: damage, stamina regeneration – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Dimexus Rune

Name Icon Description Category Farming Locations
Dimexus Rune
  • Weapon: Increases damage by 9% (Can stack)
  • Shield: Increases stamina regeneration by 10% 
  • This item can drop from the Bringer of Stillness enemy.
  • Cistern: Obtained as a reward upon defeating the "Bringers" bosses.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: Eventually you will encounter a Bone Bridge, Cross the bone bridge past the Umbral Tumor, then climb up the stairs to the top. A Bringer of Stillness and several Remnants will be waiting for you. When defeated, the Bringer of Stillness may drop a Regular Deralium Nugget, a Vestige Seed, and Dimexus. The Umbral Belly will drop the Cursed Set when soulflayed. There will also be an Emergence Effigy you can interact with nearby to return to the Axiom.

Dimexus is one of the Runes available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Dimexus is a rune that increases physical damage while dual-wielding for weapons and boosts stamina regeneration rate for shields. It reflects the treatment of fallen Hallowed Sentinels.

There was a time when the Hallowed Sentinels treated the corpses of their fallen with more respect, although of course only so much can be done with a body butchered by a Ruiner’s axe or incinerated by an Infernal Enchantress’ sorcery.

It can be socketed into Weapons and Shields. It can only be inserted into Agility or Meta rune slots.

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