Nhelaq Rune: vigor – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Nhelaq Rune

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Nhelaq Rune
  • Weapon function: Increases vigor gain. (+10%) / Decrease physical damage. (by 2.5%)
  • Shield function: Increases item discovery rate. (+0.1)
  • Has a chance to drop from Ravenous Fascinator enemies.

It can be socketed into Weapons and Shields. It can only be inserted into Agility or Meta rune slots.

  • Use Charmed Paw (+2) and Lucky Paw (+1) at the same time they stack for a Item find of 4 then kill the Ravenous Fascinator (sometimes called a Mimic) by using Soulflay with your Lamp.


Nhelaq is one of the Runes available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Nhelaq is a rune that increases vigor gain and decreases physical damage for weapons. For shields, it enhances item discovery rate. It relates to the fearlessness of truly faithful worshippers.

Those truly faithful, whether to Orius or Adyr or ay other god, rarely fear death, and that certainly applies to worshippers of the Putric Mother, who eagerly await her embrace.

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