Orimon Rune – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Orimon Rune

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Orimon Rune
  • Weapon function: Increases Radiance attribute scaling. / Reduces Inferno attribute scaling.
  • Shield function: Increases Radiance attribute massively. / Reduces Inferno attribute slightly.
  • Can be purchased from Gerlinde in Skyrest Bridge by offering the Cracked Rune Tablet, which grants access to a new service called Socket Runes along with an expansion of her inventory.

It can be socketed into Weapons and Shields. It can only be inserted into Radiance or Meta rune slots.

Orimon is one of the Runes available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Orimon is a rune that increases Radiance attribute scaling and reduces Inferno attribute scaling for weapons. For shields, it massively enhances Radiance attribute and slightly reduces Inferno attribute. It reflects the search for truth in both darkness and light..

“I have learned that truth can be found within both darkness and light, the former merely requires more application.”

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