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Umbral Scouring

Name Icon Description Location
Umbral Scouring Still-pulsing residue taken from an Umbral stigma. Can be traded with Molhu. Acquired after Soulflaying a Stigma or can be purchased from Molhu. Please visit the Stigmas page to find the location of all Stigmas.

Umbral Scouring is an Upgrade Material and Quest Item in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Umbral Scouring is a currency that is used to purchase boss-type items from a Boss Remembrance item when interacting with Molhu at Skyrest Bridge. Upgrade Materials are items used for increasing the level and strengthening the stats of different equipment pieces such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including vital items such as the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp.

Still-pulsing residue taken from an Umbral Stigma. Can be traded with Molhu

Where to find it?

Umbral Scouring can be found in the following places:

  • Commonly acquired when the lamp bearer “Soulflays” a Stigma. Please check the Stigmas page to learn more about the locations of all Stigmas in Lords of the Fallen (LotF).
  • Abandoned Redcopse: Past the Vestige of Hannelore, continue following the tutorial for the Stigmas, and you’ll be rewarded with 2 Umbral Scourings.
  • Abandoned Redcopse: After picking up the Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard past the Vestige of Marco the Axe, move forward into the enclosure, and you’ll find another Stigma to Soulflay. This time it’ll be of someone choking to death. You’ll get two more Umbral Scourings for listening to it.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Can be purchased from Molhu for 1000 Vigor.
  • Forsaken Fen: After picking up the Shuja Harmony Hoop inside a cave that has Umbral Eggs in its mouth, return to the entrance of the cave. At the bottom of the slope, you’ll find a Stigma you can soulflay guarded by a Shrouded Remnant. After witnessing it, you’ll earn two Umbral Scouring and the ground will turn into an Umbral Flowerbed.
  • Forsaken Fen: After defeating The Hushed Saint, approach the Hallowed Sentinel Beacon glowing red. Right in front of it, you can find an Emergence Effigy to return to the Axiom. Interact with the beacon afterward to witness a cutscene of your character cleansing it. Turn around at the beacon and face the boss arena. You’ll see a light in the distance that marks the way out. Follow the path upwards and near the end, you’ll find some blue moths swarming an area on the right. Enter the Umbral here and soulflay the Stigma to obtain two Umbral Scouring.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After defeating the boss Crimson Rector Percival, make your way back to the Umbral Flowerbed and take the path on the left toward the cliff you’ll notice a Stigma where the moths are gathered. Transition to Umbral here and Soulflay it for a scene where it seems like Andreas of Ebb kicks someone off the cliff for her supplies. You’ll get x2 Umbral Scourings for listening in.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After obtaining Fitzroy’s Set from the chest, you’ll see a Stigma across from it that you can Soulflay if you transition to Umbral again. This one will be of a lone warrior trying to fend off multiple foes at the edge of the tower. As usual, you’ll get x2 Umbral Scourings for doing so.
  • Lower Calrath: Just as you enter Lower Calrath, move forward along the path to eventually find a Stigma to Soulflay on your right. You’ll witness a Dark Crusader steeling himself with a mantra before walking away. You’ll get the usual x2 Umbral Scourings and the Wooden Dark Crusader Cross for listening in.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Ornx Rune, turn around and find your way to the tunnel under the bridge to find a Stigma. Transition to Umbral and Soulflay it to witness someone comforting a little girl named Elianne with a memento. Doing so will reward you with an Odd Stone in addition to the usual x2 Umbral Scourings.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Scale-Breaker, you’ll find a wall here with a hole that can be bypassed with the Umbral Lamp or by transitioning to Umbral. Outside, you can grab x3 Fire Salts. Head back inside by bypassing the wall again and then find your way back up. Move forward across the stairs and jump over the gap to the next house, and then cross the planks to the next one as well. There’ll be a doorway further in blocked by breakable wooden objects. As you enter after breaking all the wood, head further in. Again, this will be another tight area so be really careful of the Enemies’ fire attacks. As you emerge across the short plank to another house, this section is going to be on fire but there are noticeably fewer fires if you transition to Umbral so you can go ahead and do so to be able to navigate better. There will be a Stigma to your immediate left. Soulflay it to witness someone cowering inside the house, afraid of a looming dread that seems to have enveloped the district. Doing so gets you the usual x2 Umbral Scourings.
  • bottles.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: Can be found inside a hidden room which can be found using your Umbral Lamp. You can find a Heavenly Vial, an Umbral Flowerbed, and a Stigma you can soulflay in the Umbral for two Umbral Scouring.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: Needs to use an Umbral Lamp to find, the area will be nearby large gates that lead back to the courtyard. The broken railings to find a pathway down. Follow it to the end and enter the Umbral to soulflay a Stigma that grants you two Umbral Scouring. An Umbral Flowerbed can also be found nearby.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: In the part of the location walkthrough named “To the Abbey Tower”, you’ll find some Penitent praying at a statue. If you enter the Umbral here, you’ll be able to find an Umbral Belly that drops a Saintly Quintessence in the middle of the prayer area. Two Bringers of Stillness will appear here, so be careful. Open the doors down the next stairs after you’re done and pick up the Forceburst Parchment ahead. Through the archway on the left, you can soulflay a Stigma that nets you two Umbral Scouring.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: After picking up the Antediluvian Chisel from the Umbral Belly, turn right, through some arches to get into a hallway. On the left, you can return to the Axiom using the Emergence Effigy. There’s a doorway down the right side of the hallway that leads into the main staircase of the building. Before heading up, go the opposite way on the left to find a doorway into an abandoned ward. On the table at the end, you can pick up an Enhanced Empyrean Grenade. Exit the room, being careful of the Pilgrims that hop down from the beds and head up the main staircase. Defeat the three Pilgrims here, and head up the stairs on the left. At the top, you’ll find a Stigma you can soulflay in the Umbral for x2 Umbral Scouring. To its left, there is a bundle of Twisted Bolts.
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: Upon entering from Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, go up the stairs and under the bridge. Continue along to the path in front of you. There will be a Sin-Piercer and her Radiant Hounds in the area. Turn left at the stairs and enter the Umbral here, you can then souflay a statue here which will reward you with x2 Umbral Scourings after listening.
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: From the Vestige of Rosamund, head through the shortcut gate. Otherwise, go through the door and follow along the path up the stairs and through a tunnel with enemies and exploding red bulges. When you exit the tunnel, head up the stairs all the way, go through a narrow corridor and you will reach a courtyard with a tree. Clear the area, and soulflay the stigma to receive x2 Umbral Scouring.
  • Tower of Penance: After picking up a Rebirth Chrysalis from a chest, exit the cell and jump directly down onto a stone platform. Behind you on the stone platform, you’ll find some wooden planks that can be destroyed to reveal a Stigma you can soulflay for x2 Umbral Scouring and the Perception Wisp.
  • Tower of Penance: From the door that requires the Tancred’s Key, you’ll find an Emergence Effigy opposite to it. Head through the open archway leading outside. Enter the Umbral and look up to soulflay a Stigma that nets you x2 Umbral Scouring.
  • Sunless Skein: x2 Umbral Scouring from the Stigma with the collapsing men and x2 from the Mining stigma found later in the area.
  • The Empyrean: In the first area of The Empyrean you will encounter some double doors in which inside you’ll find yourself in a large open area that seems to be beset by violent gusts of wind. On your right should be a Stigma you can Soulflay to witness someone saying a prayer to Orius, perhaps even Judge Cleric herself. You’ll again receive the usual two Umbral Scourings for doing so.
  • The Empyrean: You will witness Judge Cleric talking to an Ermengarde, or at least talking as if this Ermengarge were there but is not. In her monologue, you’ll listen to her steel her resolve to protect the people of Mournstead, in the way that she thinks is right. You’ll get two Umbral Scourings for witnessing the scene.
  • Cistern: Inspect the Stigma at the glowing altar to obtain x2 Umbral Scourings

This item can drop as a reward upon defeating the following Bosses:

  • x25 Drops from defeating The Lightreaper at any of the three locations where players encounter this boss. The Lightreaper is first encountered in the Defiled Sepulchre and can be encountered in the following locations if you die while fighting him: in the plains of Fitzroy’s Gorge, and finally, at Upper Calrath leading to Bramis Castle.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Dropped by Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. (x8 Umbral Scourings)
  • Forsaken Fen: x8 Umbral Scourings will be dropped after defeating The Congregator of Flesh.
  • Forsaken Fen: x8 Umbral Scourings will be dropped after defeating The Hushed Saint. Then enter the Umbral if you haven’t already, and soulflay the Stigma to obtain 2 more.
  • Cistern: Obtained as a reward upon defeating the “Bringers” bosses. (x5 Umbral Scourings)
  • Revelation Depths: Revelation Depths: Dropped after defeating Harrower Dervla and The Unbroken Promise. (x8 Umbral Scourings)
  • Upper Calrath: Defeating the Spurned Progeny
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: Obtained as a reward upon defeating the boss, The Hollow Crow.
  • Tower of Penance: Drops as a reward upon defeating Tancred and Reinhold the Immured.
  • The Empyrean: Drops as a reward upon defeating Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel.
  • Upper Calrath: Gained after defeating The Lightreaper
  • Bramis Castle: Drops as a reward upon defeating The Sundered Monarch.
  • Bramis Castle: Drops as a reward after defeating Adyr, the Bereft Exile. (x8 Umbral Scourings)

This item can be purchased from:

  • Molhu sells 3 of them for 1,000 each
  • You can buy up to 999 of them for 3 Plucked Eyeballs each at the Shrine of the Putrid Mother (past Molhu). You get eyeballs after defeating an enemy that a red lantern pointed to.


Umbral Scouring can be used as follows:

  • This item is used to trade boss-type items from a Boss Remembrance when interacting with Molhu at Skyrest Bridge.
  • This item can be used to unlock one of the Endings of the game.

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