Ravager Gregory’s Rosary – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Ravager Gregory’s Rosary

Name Icon Description Location
Ravager Gregory’s Rosary A rosary once carried by Ravager Gregory of the Dark Crusaders.

Lower Calrath: From the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch, head up the wooden planks to the right. As you emerge on the rooftops, be careful of the Raw Mangler waiting to attack you. Carefully claim Ravager Gregory’s Rosary from the impaled corpse here.

Ravager Gregory’s Rosary is a Quest Item in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Ravager Gregory’s Rosary is a trinket once carried by Ravager Gregory.

Where to find it?

Ravager Gregory’s Rosary can be found in the following Location:

  • Lower Calrath: From the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch, head down to the lowest level of the building and drop down through the hole in the wall, being careful to avoid the many fire mine traps below. Progress all the way through this area and you will find a large wooden ramp leading to a stone structure, guarded by a greatsword wielding enemy who buffs himself with fire. Inside the stone structure, if you aren’t in Umbral world use the umbral lamp to walk through the closed door, which loops back toward the roof of the Vestige building. Go up the wood planks and as you emerge on the rooftops, be careful of a second Raw Mangler waiting to ambush you from the right. Carefully claim Ravager Gregory’s Rosary from the impaled corpse here.

Lords of the Fallen Ravager Gregory's Rosary

How to use it?

Ravager Gregory’s Rosary can be used by players to:

  • To be given to Exacter Dunmire at Skyrest Bridge. Giving this item adds new items to the merchant’s shop.

Items that are added upon giving this item to Exacter Dunmire:

  • Ravager Gregory’s Sword – 1,875 Vigor
  • Ravager Greatshield – 1,125 Vigor
  • Ravager Helm – 2,500 Vigor
  • Ravager Gauntlets – 2,200 Vigor
  • Ravager Leggings – 2,200 Vigor


  • Hidden Lore: While the mission which Gregory and Barros undertook in Mournstead was not official Dark Crusader business, it was a task to which they were utterly devoted despite the dangers: they would find Paxton, or die in the attempt. (Requires Radiance to unlock).
  • Weight: Quest Items do not weigh.
  • Quest Items are a wide variety of items that players can find in specific Locations and may be needed to progress either the game’s main story or certain side-related quests.
  • They also encompass vital items inherent to the game mechanics.

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