Rune Tablet – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Rune Tablet

Name Icon Description Location
Rune Tablet An ancient runesmithing tablet. While not omnipotent, the Crafter knew much, including a level of expertise with
runes the likes of which had never been equalled, a mastery achieved across
numerous ages and realities.
Tower of Penance: Obtained from a chest as a part of Gerlinde or Sparky’s questline. It is located where you can drop down from the jailcell with the Emergence Effigy 

Rune Tablet is a Quest Item in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Rune Tablet is an ancient artifact used in runesmithing. It holds significant knowledge and power related to Runes.

Where to find it?

Rune Tablet can be found in the following Location:

  • Tower of Penance: After picking up x2 Umbral Scourings and the Perception Wisp from soulflaying a Stigma, exit the alcove and head to the left to drop down onto another platform. Be careful of the Shrouded Remnant that shoots projectiles at you as you make your way across the narrow beams, and at the end, you can pick up x2 Large Manastone Clusters and x3 Ammunition Satchels. In the jailcell, you’ll also find an Emergence Effigy you can use to return to the Axiom. Fall onto the grates below and defeat the multiple Avowed and Marksmen, as well as an Ardent Penitent. On the outer ring of this floor, you can find several items and objects of note. In the chest by a divider wall is the Rune Tablet given to either Gerlinde or Sparky to complete their quests.

How to use it?

Rune Tablet can be used by players to:

  • Hand over to Gerlinde to expand her Merchant inventory and obtain the Crafter’s Essence rune
  • Give to Sparky so he can free himself and he will reward you with the ability to perform “runesmithing” options at Vestiges. Doing this will cause Gerlinde to double her prices.

By giving the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde, her services will be enhanced, as well as expanding her Inventory with the following items:

  • Crafter’s Essence will be rewarded to you.
  • Briostone Trio – 700 Vigor
  • Large Manastone Cluster – 900 Vigor
  • Ammunition Satchel – 1,500 Vigor


  • Hidden Lore: None (Requires N/A to unlock).
  • Weight: Quest Items do not weigh.
  • Quest Items are a wide variety of items that players can find in specific Locations and may be needed to progress either the game’s main story or certain side-related quests.
  • They also encompass vital items inherent to the game mechanics.

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