Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite

Name Icon Description Location
Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite An Umbral parasite once carried by Harkyn. To be Added

Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite is a Quest Item in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite is an Umbral Parasite that used to be attached to Harkyn.

Where to find it?

Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite can be found in the following Location:

  • This item is crucial to unlocking the Umbral Ending of Lords of the Fallen and there are a lot of factors to consider when unlocking the Umbral Ending, for more information, please visit the Endings page.
  • Players must first acquire the Withered Rune of Adyr.
  • Defeat The Iron Wayfarer (Boss) who is at the gates of Bramis Castle.
  • After defeating him, travel to the Fief of the Chill Curse (Vestige of Svornil) and you’ll find him in this location while in the Umbral Realm.
  • Use the Withered Rune of Adyr on The Iron Wayfarer to kill him and obtain the parasite item.

How to use it?

Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite can be used by players to:

  • To be used on the pillar next to Molhu in Skyrest Bridge.


  • Hidden Lore: Harkyn had lived longer than any man was meant to and in that time committed acts of both great good and appalling evil, and although the latter typically retained greater clarity and significance, time and the fickle nature of memory would bury some of his worst crimes deep within his mind, forgotten. (Requires Inferno, Radiance to unlock).
  • Weight: Quest Items do not weigh.
  • Quest Items are a wide variety of items that players can find in specific Locations and may be needed to progress either the game’s main story or certain side-related quests.
  • They also encompass vital items inherent to the game mechanics.

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