Melchior’s Seedpod – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

Melchior’s Seedpod

Name Icon Description Location
Melchior’s Seedpod An Umbral seedpod intended for Melchior. To be Added

Melchior’s Seedpod is a Quest Item in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Melchior’s Seedpod is an item intended to kill Melchior.

Where to find it?

Melchior’s Seedpod can be found in the following Location:

  • This item is crucial to unlocking the Umbral Ending of Lords of the Fallen and there are a lot of factors to consider when unlocking the Umbral Ending, for more information, please visit the Endings page.
  • Given by the non-hostile remnant in Mother’s Lull at some point of progressing the game when you also give the Rune of Adyr to the non-hostile remnant to transform it into the Withered Rune of Adyr.

How to use it?

Melchior’s Seedpod can be used by players to:

  • Used on Melchior’s body which also is the effigy of Adyr in the throne room of Bramis Castle. Using the seedpod will destroy Melchior’s body and at the same time, unlocks one of the soulflay platform in Mother’s Lull and automatically locks the player out of unlocking the Radiance or Inferno endings.


  • Hidden Lore: Every moment a living being spends in Umbral is inherently inimical to their very nature, the creeping dread they feel constantly building towards a dire, inevitable crescendo. (Requires Inferno, Radiance to unlock).
  • Weight: Quest Items do not weigh.
  • Quest Items are a wide variety of items that players can find in specific Locations and may be needed to progress either the game’s main story or certain side-related quests.
  • They also encompass vital items inherent to the game mechanics.

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