Hire a Desert Mercenary — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected “Poke Poke” achievement: Hire a Desert Mercenary.

Desert Mercenaries are a type of Mercenary in Diablo 2. Desert Mercenaries are melee-attack followers that use Spears and Javelins. They can be hired from Greiz at Lut Gholein Mercenaries are special NPCs who act as companions who team up with our hero to fight the forces of evil in Sanctuary.

Diablo 2 Hire a Desert Mercenary

This is possible as soon as you get to Lut Gholein at the very start of Act II. Find Greiz in the hub and hire one of his merceneries, which will permanently replace whatever companion you have.

  • Can be hired from Greiz at Lut Gholein

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Desert Mercenaries Description

  • Melee-attack companions that use Spears, Javelins and Polearms to attack Enemies
  • Widely consider the best type of Mercenaries due to their Auras
  • Can be hired from Greiz at Lut Gholein
  • Each time a Desert Mercenary levels up, the Mercenary gains +1.5 Strength, +1.5 Dexterity, +9.5 Defense, +1.5 Resistances, +10 Life

Act II Mercenaries: Desert Warriors

Difficulty Type/Ability/Aura Level Range Equippable Items
Normal Combat: Prayer
Defense: Defiance
Offense: Blessed Aim
9-13 Helms, Armor, Polearms, Spears
Nightmare Combat/Thorns
Defense: Holy Freeze
Offense: Might
44-47 Helms, Armor, Polearms, Spears
Hell Combat: Prayer
Defense: Defiance
Offense: Blessed Aim
75-79 Helms, Armor, Polearms, Spears

It is safe to say that Greiz’s Desert Warriors of Act II have been the most popular mercenary choice over the last two decades. The main reason for that is the fact that they are able to grant six different Paladin auras, adding a ton of damage, defense, or utility for players and their parties. Besides their aura, Desert Warriors use the Amazon ability Jab, a quick triple attack.

In essence, three of the six auras see regular use in both early- and end-game play.

First off, Nightmare Act II’s Defense Holy Freeze mercenary does a great job at slowing down approaching or fleeing enemies. It also slows attack speed and deals a small amount of cold damage while adding cold damage to attacks.

Another popular choice is Nightmare Act II’s Offense mercenary. Its Might aura boosts overall physical attack damage, making it a great pick for physical damage builds like Zealadin or Frenzy Barbarian.

Last but not least, the Prayer aura provided by the Combat mercenary from Normal and Hell Act II can provide great life regeneration if you don’t get any use out of Holy Freeze or Might.

Act II: Desert Mercenaries

The Hirelings of Act II are available from Greiz in Lut Gholein. They are melee attackers and use spears/javelins or polearms to great effect. These mercs are the most popular hires in the game, since they come with various auras that can greatly benefit their employer.

Skills: Jab attack.
Auras: These mercs have a variety of auras. There are three types available on each difficulty level, though the auras found on Normal and Hell difficulty levels are the same.

  • Combat (Normal): Prayer
  • Combat (Nightmare): Thorns
  • Combat (Hell): Prayer
  • Defense (Normal): Defiance
  • Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze
  • Defense (Hell): Defiance
  • Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim
  • Offense (Nightmare): Might
  • Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim

Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms, Javelins (Used solely for melee weapons.) They can not equip Amazon-only javelins or spears.

Desert Mercenaries Notes & Tips

  • Only one Mercenary can be used at a time. If players hire a new one, the current follower and his/her equipment will be lost. So first remove Mercenary’s gear before hiring a new one.
  • Mercenaries can be resurrected at any time by visiting Mercenary Leader NPCs in each town. Resurrecting Mercenaries has a fee that increases as your Mercenary levels off.
  • Followers benefit from both the Magic Find Equipment they use along with the Hero’s Magic Find Equipment as both Magic Find Rate add up but only when the Mercenary kills enemies. It does not apply the other way around for your character.
  • Mercenaries gain experience from both your kills and theirs, but they will level up faster from experience obtained from their own kills
  • The top level Mercenaries can reach is level 98.

Desert Mercenary Names

The names are randomly selected each time a list of mercs for hire is generated; the names do not have any connection to their other abilities or aura types. As is the case with lots of weapons in the game, and especially with the names of NPC mercs, the Blizzard North designers worked in the names of Blizzard employees, and notable members of the Diablo II fan community. Azrael was the webmaster of Diablo2, a prominent fansite in the pre-Diablo 2 days.

  • Hazade
  • Alhizeer
  • Azrael
  • Ahsab
  • Chalan
  • Vikhyat
  • Haseen
  • Razan
  • Emilio
  • Pratham
  • Fazel
  • Jemali
  • Kasim
  • Gulzar
  • Mizan
  • Leharas
  • Durga
  • Neeraj
  • Ilzan
  • Zanarhi
  • Waheed

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