Pint Sized Hero – Flyff Universe

Pint Sized Hero Quest

Description Kill 10 Small Mia & 5 Mia and locate Nerco.
Begin NPC [Mayor of Saint City]
End NPC Nerco
Location Saint City
Level: 20~120
Complete Quest: Corrupted Cabbage Patch
Hunt 10x Small Mia
Hunt 5x Mia
Penya: 10,000
EXP: 23% for Lv. 20
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin It appears as if I must again call upon you for a favor. We have reports of a missing child, but unfortunately our guards are too occupied to help.
The boy, named Nerco, apparently left a note to his mother saying he wanted to defeat monsters just like the Hero of Flaris! For his sake, please find and protect him!
Accept His mother believes him to be in Southern Saint Morning, attempting to take on the Mia by himself. Please protect him by defeating 10 Small Mia & 5 Mia.
Decline What? Why am I asking you to find just a KID? Kids are the future of Madrigal. You have a bad mental attitude.
Complete Tremble ghosts, for I am the mightiest warrior in theā€¦ wait, who are you?? You are interrupting my ghost slaying!
Fail Hurry and find Nerco before the Mia get to him!

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