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Lira Arthain Lira Arthain is a Atlas region located in the outside bottom right of the Atlas of Worlds. Atlas Passive Skill Tree allows players to increase specific types of drops, enemies, and map events within this region.

1. List of Lira Arthain Best Passives Farming

Lira Arthain ascendancy skills include: Blight, Breach, Bestiary, and Heist.

Name Description Category League Standard Hardcore Standard SSF Hardcore SSF
Blighted Map and Oil Chance
Blight Chests in Areas have 20% increased chance to contain Blighted Maps or Oils          
Spores on the Wind
Maps found in Areas have 5% chance to have an 'Area contains an additional Blight Encounter' Enchantment Modifier Notable Blight 51.31% 36.52% 36.20% 32.48%
Blight Chests in Areas have 100% more chance to contain Blighted Maps
Blighted Maps found in Areas are Anointed
Notable Blight 34.77% 17.63% 17.33% 11.34%
Immune Response
Blight Encounters in Areas spawn 100% more non-Unique Monsters
Blight Monsters in Areas spawn 150% faster
Notable Blight 24.69% 8.17% 9.56% 5.26%
Magic Breach Monster Chance
Breaches in Areas spawn 30% increased Magic Monsters          
Probing for Weaknesses
Areas have +10% chance to contain Breaches Notable Breach 26.11% 13.98% 18.07% 10.58%
Flash Breach
Breaches in Areas open and close 50% faster
Breaches in Areas spawn 10 additional Rare Monsters
Notable Breach 16.01% 6.14% 8.98% 3.77%
Additional Red Beast Chance
Areas that contain capturable Beasts have 10% chance to contain an additional Red Beast          
Animal Companion
Areas have 10% chance to grant an additional Einhar Mission on Completion
Einhar Missions in Areas grant 100% increased Favour
Notable Bestiary 22.91% 20.33% 29.31% 24.59%
Natural Selection
Beasts in Areas are more likely to be less common varieties Notable Bestiary 12.06% 9.29% 15.22% 9.85%
Mighty Hunter
Einhar deals 1000% more Damage to Unique Monsters in Areas
Einhar has 100% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate in Areas
Einhar remains in Areas after his Mission is Complete
Notable Bestiary 6.00% 2.84% 4.53% 2.69%
Rogue Marker Stack Size
20% increased Stack size of Rogue's Markers found in Areas          
Secret Stash
Areas have +10% chance to contain a Smuggler's Cache Notable Heist 24.83% 21.94% 28.54% 22.37%
Inside Job
Smuggler's Caches in Areas have 100% increased chance to drop Blueprints
Blueprints that drop in Areas have 10% chance to be fully Revealed
Notable Heist 17.12% 12.38% 17.62% 12.42%

In Lira Arthain, Blight, Breach and Heist make up the top five atlas passives. For Blight passives, Spores on the Wind has become even more popular, even though it received a nerf in 3.14.0. Epidemiology and Immune Response have become slightly more popular as well. Breach passives have both become more popular (which we also saw in Lex Proxima). Flash Breach had its opening and closing speed reduced to 50% faster (from 100% faster), which doesn't seem to have had a negative impact on popularity. When we look at Bestiary, we can see that Animal Companion and Natural Selection have taken a noticeable drop, potentially due to the nerf to Natural Selection in 3.14.0. Finally, we see essentially no difference when we check in on Heist passives.

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2. Lira Arthain Maps

PoE 3.14 challenge: complete 150 Maps in Lira Arthain region.

T Name Tier Boss
3 Pier Map 3, 7, 10, 12, 15 Ancient Architect
3 Primordial Blocks Map 3, 6, 10, 12, 14 High Lithomancer
3 Toxic Sewer Map 3, 7, 10, 11, 14 Arachnoxia
4 Precinct Map 4, 8, 11, 13, 15 Orra Greengate
Torr Olgosso
Damoi Tui
Eoin Greyfur
Wilorin Demontamer
Augustina Solaria
Igna Phoenix
4 Lookout Map 4, 7, 10, 12, 14 The Grey Plague
4 Marshes Map 4, 7, 10, 12, 15 Tore, Towering Ancient
4 Courthouse Map 4, 8, 11, 13, 15 Bolt Brownfur, Earth Churner
Thena Moga, the Crimson Storm
Ion Darkshroud, the Hungering Blade
5 Lighthouse Map 5, 9, 12, 14, 16 Uruk Baleh
El'Abin, Bloodeater
Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash
Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
8 Racecourse Map , 8, 11, 13, 15 Shredder of Gladiators
Crusher of Gladiators
Bringer of Blood
9 Mausoleum Map , 9, 12, 13, 16 Tolman, the Exhumer
10 Forbidden Woods Map , , 10, 11, 14 Skictis, Frostkeeper
Takatax Brittlethorn
Corruptor Eedaiak
11 Flooded Mine Map , , 11, 13, 15 The Eroding One
12 Shipyard Map , , 12, 14, 16 Musky "Two-Eyes" Grenn
Susara, Siren of Pondium
Lussi "Rotmother" Roth
14 Barrows Map , , , 14, 16 Beast of the Pits
15 Castle Ruins Map , , , , 15 Leif, the Swift-Handed
15 Estuary Map , , , , 15 Sumter the Twisted

3. Lira Arthain Changes 3.14

  • Natural Selection no longer makes rarer beasts quite as common.
  • Immune Response now causes Blight Monsters to spawn 150% faster (previously 100%).
  • Spores on the Wind now causes Maps found in Areas to have a 5% chance to have an "Area contains an additional Blight Encounter" Enchantment Modifier (previously 10%).
  • Flash Breach now causes Breaches in Areas to open and close 50% faster (previously 100%).

4. Maven: Lira Arthain quest

Maven: Lira Arthain

  1. The Maven wants to witness your attempt to defeat this map's boss encounter.
  2. The Maven has gifted you her Beacon. Take it to the Map Device.
  3. The Maven's Beacon appears to be compatible with the Map Device. Open the Map Device to attach it.
  4. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches. You have defeated {1} out of {2}.
  5. The Maven has invited you to attempts a greater challenge. Use the Invitation in your Map Device to attempt it.
  6. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches.
  7. The Maven has offered an Invitation to a challenge of her own creation. Attempt it by placing it in the Map Device.
  8. Enter the Maven's Crucible to attempt her challenge.
  9. Use the device to begin the Maven's challenge.
  10. Defeat all of the Maven's creations.
  11. Quest Complete - You have bested the Maven's challenges and been rewarded for doing so.

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6. PoE Challenges

Allocate ten passive skill points in each of the following Atlas Passive Trees: Lira Arthain.

Allocate your Atlas passive skills very carefully in order to obtain the maximum value, because refunding skillpoints requires Orb of Unmaking Orb of Unmaking that can be expensive.

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