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Valdo’s Rest Valdo’s Rest is a Atlas region located in the inner bottom right of the Atlas of Worlds. Atlas Passive Skill Tree allows players to increase specific types of drops, enemies, and map events within this region.

1. List of Valdo’s Rest Best Passives Farming

Valdo's Rest ascendancy skills include: Blight, Syndicate, Metamorph, and Harbinger.

Name Description Category League Standard Hardcore Standard SSF Hardcore SSF
Lucky Blight Chests
Varieties of Items contained in 1 Blight Chest in Areas are Lucky          
Areas have +10% chance to contain a Blight Encounter Notable Blight 36.89% 32.98% 33.20% 31.46%
Blight Titans
Blight Encounters in Areas contain up to 2 additional Blight Bosses
Blight Bosses in Areas drop an additional Anointed Jewellery Item
Notable Blight 14.35% 7.95% 9.24% 5.99%
Mass Mycelium
Blight Encounters in Areas are more likely to contain multiple Lanes
Lanes of Blight Encounters in Areas have 50% chance for an additional Reward Chest
Notable Blight 17.50% 13.60% 13.60% 11.57%
Additional Harbinger Drops
Harbingers in Areas drop an additional Stack of Currency Shards          
Ominous Arrival
Areas contain an additional Harbinger Notable Harbinger 55.42% 40.69% 43.71% 41.35%
Diplomatic Escort
Harbingers in Areas have 30% chance to be replaced by a powerful Harbinger boss Notable Harbinger 42.33% 24.66% 29.84% 24.97%
Jun Favour and Betrayal Mission Chance
Areas have 3% chance to grant an additional Jun Mission on Completion
Jun Missions in Areas grant 30% increased Favour
Gut Instinct
Defeated Immortal Syndicate Members in Areas grant 5 Intelligence for
the current Encounter's Safehouse if not Interrogated
Notable Betrayal 22.84% 20.68% 27.59% 22.59%
Test of Loyalty
Immortal Syndicate Members Executed in Areas have 100% chance to gain an additional Rank Notable Betrayal 28.99% 27.10% 35.76% 29.12%
Additional Sample Rewards
+2 Metamorph Monster Samples in Areas have Rewards          
Intrinsic Darkness
Areas have +10% chance to contain a Metamorph Encounter Notable Metamorph 23.66% 9.07% 17.41% 5.74%
Repeated Experiment
You can assemble an additional Metamorph in Areas after the first is Dead Notable Metamorph 9.48% 3.41% 5.21% 1.43%
High Yield
Metamorph Vat Meters in Areas require 50% less Power to fill
Metamorph Bosses which drop an Itemised Sample drop an additional Itemised Sample
Notable Metamorph 8.47% 2.80% 5.37% 1.27%

Valdo's Rest sees another reasonable assortment of passives making up the top five, with Harbinger, Blight, Betrayal and Metamorph taking their spots. Looking first at Harbinger passives, we see that Ominous Arrival and Diplomatic Escort are just as popular as before. When we look at Blight passives, we can see a slight increase in popularity, though nothing significant. For Betrayal, we see an increase in both passives, likely in part due to the Betrayal rewards rework in 3.14.0. Metamorph has seen the most significant dropoff, with each passive seeing roughly half the use that it previously did.

Valdo's Rest Changes 3.14

  • Diplomatic Escort now replaces one Harbinger with a King Harbinger instead of a group of Harbingers.
  • Gut Instinct now provides 5 Intelligence for the current Encounter's Safehouse if an Immortal Syndicate member is not interrogated (previously 3).

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2. Valdo’s Rest Maps

PoE 3.14 challenge: complete 150 Maps in Valdo’s Rest region.

T Name Tier Boss
1 Pen Map 1, 4, 8, 10, 14 Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
2 Lair Map 2, 5, 9, 11, 14 Lycius, Midnight's Howl
2 Promenade Map 2, 5, 9, 11, 14 Blackguard Avenger
Blackguard Tempest
2 Gardens Map 2, 6, 9, 11, 14 Sallazzang
2 Arena Map 2, 6, 9, 11, 14 Avatar of the Huntress
Avatar of the Skies
Avatar of the Forge
3 Canyon Map 3, 7, 10, 12, 15 Gnar, Eater of Carrion
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl
3 Orchard Map 3, 6, 9, 11, 14 Vision of Justice
3 Ashen Wood Map 3, 7, 10, 11, 14 Lord of the Ashen Arrow
3 Arid Lake Map 3, 6, 10, 11, 14 Drought-Maddened Rhoa
7 Dark Forest Map , 7, 9, 11, 14 The Cursed King
8 Dry Sea Map , , 8, 10, 14 Gazuul, Droughtspawn
9 Mineral Pools Map , , 9, 11, 14 Shock and Horror
10 Ghetto Map , , 10, 12, 15 Lady Stormflay
11 Ivory Temple Map , , , 11, 14 Platinia
13 Doryani's Machinarium , , , 13, 16 The Apex Assembly
13 Maze Map , , , 13, 16 Shadow of the Vaal
14 City Square Map , , , , 14 Carius, the Unnatural
Pileah, Corpse Burner
Pileah, Burning Corpse
14 Bramble Valley Map , , , , 14 Melur Thornmaul
Elida Blisterclaw
Orvi Acidbeak
16 Death and Taxes , , , , 16 Avatar of Apocalypse
16 Necropolis Map , , , , 16 Burtok, Conjurer of Bones

3. Maven: Valdo's Rest quest

Maven: Valdo's Rest

  1. The Maven wants to witness your attempt to defeat this map's boss encounter.
  2. The Maven has gifted you her Beacon. Take it to the Map Device.
  3. The Maven's Beacon appears to be compatible with the Map Device. Open the Map Device to attach it.
  4. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches. You have defeated {1} out of {2}.
  5. The Maven has invited you to attempts a greater challenge. Use the Invitation in your Map Device to attempt it.
  6. Call the Maven to maps in {0} and complete them as she watches.
  7. The Maven has offered an Invitation to a challenge of her own creation. Attempt it by placing it in the Map Device.
  8. Enter the Maven's Crucible to attempt her challenge.
  9. Use the device to begin the Maven's challenge.
  10. Defeat all of the Maven's creations.
  11. Quest Complete - You have bested the Maven's challenges and been rewarded for doing so.

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5. PoE Challenges

Allocate ten passive skill points in each of the following Atlas Passive Trees: Valdo’s Rest

Allocate your Atlas passive skills very carefully in order to obtain the maximum value, because refunding skillpoints requires Orb of Unmaking Orb of Unmaking that can be expensive.

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