Why you should play WoW Classic

This is a strange question. If you find it interesting, it’s worth it; if you don’t, it’s not.

I started playing World of Warcraft in 2004 and still play today. (I just cleaned up the palace of eternity last night in baby boomers. I need to use some mythical foundations, so I may continue to use them tonight.)

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 15 years. I’ve seen all the incremental improvements in the game. I’m unlikely to go back.

From any reasonable point of view, the modern World of Warcraft is superior to the old game in terms of gameplay, mechanism, diversity and entertainment. Some reasons:

Old games have more functions, I mean more chance to get wow gold.

I like raids. I’m a constant Raider. In the old game, a lot of things needed to be done to get a raid were Madden . Want to fight Onyxia? Dear God, what you are going to do is the annoying task line! My Troll warrior still has his Drakefire amulet

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Let’s talk about the game mechanism. Many ancient raiding battles have extremely precise and cunning mechanisms, which require every player to have accurate equipment suitable for the battle. This mechanism is simpler than the modern boss fight mechanism, but at the same time, it depends more on the combination of gears, resistance (anyone remember to resist gears?) And precise positioning. And random number generators can still confuse you. In early content, for example, mocking mechanics was not 100% reliable. Ridicule is always possible to fail. In some boss fights, each player can finish 100% of the game perfectly at 100% peak state, and the attack will still disappear due to missing the irony. Not fun for a group of players to play perfectly and still fail? Absolutely not cool. And there have been boss battles in the black wing lair. Each player must have a specific, hard to get item (Onyxia CAPE) to defeat boss. So, on the one hand, the fighting is quite primitive, but on the other hand, they need precise equipment and precise movements, even if you do well, you may fail.

Resources. Magicians need slow falling materials and portals (why?). Hunters need to carry bags of ammunition. Warlocks must have a lot of empty space, because these things called “soul shards” encourage your spells. Soul shards are not piled up. You must take them with you. Do you want to be the heart of 40 people? Hope your warlock summons a raid so that you don’t have to spend 15 minutes riding – no flying, no flying – to get there? Summoning all requires at least 38 soul fragments! Oh! How interesting! No

There are no artisans looking for groups. General chat is always “LFM ot + DPS BRS render run”. LFM ot + DPS BRS render run. LFM ot + DPS BRS render run. LFM ot + DPS BRS render run. LFM ot + DPS BRS render run. LFM ot + DPS BRS render run. ” Repeat for 3 hours, or until your sanity check fails.

Want to enter Naxxramas? Here, please collect all these worthless garbage and send it to the NPC, because he will give you the qualification. It takes about 20-30 hours of game time to collect all the content. Oh! How interesting! No

The economy has completely collapsed.

You can’t mount until level 40, even then, before the economic endurance drops, it’s probably level 42.

Remember the enchantment? Do you remember the charming works? Fuck me, that’s stupid. You can’t apply enchantment to kraft paper; the only way to make the gear charming is to talk face to face with the enchanter and make them charming there. The general chat in every big city is “the spell of LF enchantment will tilt. The spell strength of the LF caster is reduced. The low frequency mage’s spell power will be reduced. ” Repeat for 3 hours, or until your sanity check fails.

People who have only used modern versions are shocked to realize that the distance between flight routes is very small and far away. And you have to ride everywhere, not fly

Remember what would happen if you died in the dungeon? You are not reborn at the instance entrance, but at the nearest Cemetery outside the dungeon. There may be a long way to go. From graveyard to Blackstone mountain, my culprit is countless times. No wonder it took four or five hours to run an underground city. It took 20 minutes to regroup and then return to the original position after wiping!

Who places instance entries in other instance entries? Seriously, who did it? Okay, guys, we’re doing heart of the fire tonight, and – what? Bob, haven’t you finished the coordination core yet? Well, we’ll lock up there and call. – what? Has he not completed the “mediation core” course yet? OK, it will be a long night.

Talent trees. Oh, my talent tree. They are very complex and you need a spreadsheet to solve them. However, for a class and specification, there is almost always the best talent training. The illusion of choice is that illusion. So you either got it wrong or went to thottbot, where people with rich spreadsheet expertise and time didn’t find the right version, and then you did what they wanted.

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