FFXIV Gil Buying Ban and Safe 2020

FXIV Gil Buying Safe without being Banned

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The safest way: earn FFXIV Gil yourself

Basically, which job to play | FFXIV

  • Do shady things in the alleyways of uldah for gil.
  • Sell Glamour Prisms. EZ Cash, something like 19800 GC Seals for a stack of 99, depending on your server thats an easy 60k+
  • You’re probably over-spending in some real critical terrifying ways. Do your challenge logs and roulettes system dailies and weeklies, all of them, and the game will hand you upwards of ~1.4mil or so a week. Do bunnies in Hydatos, and you’ll make that much in a few hours. This game’s gil fountains are super strong. If you’re always under 20k, where is it all going?
  • There are so many ways to make money in this game that it hurts. 
    Roulettes, beast tribes, Doman Reconstruction, custom deliveries, treasure maps…
  • Selling items from Eureka, PotD, Retainer Ventures, Airships/Submarines/Gardening (if you have an FC and access)…
  • Selling items from tradables like Cracked Crystals, clusters and Mhachi Matter from dungeons, raids and roulettes…
  • Of course crafting and gathering, but those have a lead time and take a bit of investment and diversification to really get the money flowing. Even with gathering, items like shards (lvl 1), crystals (~lvl 30), and clusters (lvl 50) sell constantly and consistently…
  • The biggest way I make money is running every roulette as the adventurer in need. None of my crafting or gatherers make reliable Gil. The best thing I sell as a fisher is the fat cat minion when my retainer finds it. Other than that, if you have a a good FC and run treasure maps that will make good money.
  • Be absolutely melded to the brim with HQ crafting gear for next expansion’s crafted items.
  • Glamour prisms. (You can also buy these with GC Seals. They aren’t just crafted anymore.)
  • Some replica/coil gear sells well. I’ve been wanting certain high allagan/dreadwyrm sets (or combinations thereof) for a glamour on a certain character, but no one wants to make/sell them.
  • Get a medium house once you’ve made enough money, and absolutely murder the Thavnairian Onion market. (Medium houses with two max-sized garden plots is the only efficient way of making them. One-plot small houses don’t make up for the 50% chance to not get a Thav. Onions from cross-breeding.)
  • Do roulette as tank or healer.
  • Crafted-only dyes like Regal Purple Dye can make a little cash. (You need level 30+ in crafters to make use of the pigments from gathering. Soot Black also sells well.)

The problem of buying ffxiv gil banned

  • Do not buy gil. It is against the rules in all cases, and you will be banned. There is plenty of gil available in the game; it is very easy to earn. You also do not need gil for very much.
  • Making money I’m this game isn’t hard, there are several ways: -gathering mats and maps each day and selling them -crafting is the biggest moneymaker. If you can craft the newest stuff or craft furniture and sell right on housing updates you can make several mil. Even selling low lvl equips that are used for turn-ins can get you 50k per craft (depends on server) -selling materials you get from retainers can get you some good pocket money
  • It is against the rules but nobody ever gets banned for buying. Anecdotal, but I know tons of casuals who have bought gil. I’m not sure why though, 90% of gil’s uses are housing, vanity or crafting related. Also, it’s super easy to make gil in this game, even without crafting. I don’t know what people are thinking when they buy gil.
  • Nope. But ultimately gil isn’t all that important. You’ll get enough just from leveling up to cover all that you need for quite a while.
  • No, it is against the TOS to exchange gil or any in game item for real money aside from the items SE provides from the mogstation of course.
  • No, ok I would never buy gil if there were only 1% chance of being banned, it was only to know if the game had type this possibility,thanks all.
  • At this point, Square-Enix doesn’t sell currency in their cash shop. For years, they’ve been adamantly against “pay to win” mechanics, even though gil is for the most part useless when it comes to actually playing the game (the biggest thing you can buy is a house, and beast tribes used to have minions and mounts as gil sinks but the new ones introduced in Stormblood are bought exclusively with beast tribe tokens so gil is even more useless now). About the only real purpose of gil in the game itself is teleportation fees and vendor armour. The majority of gil being passed around is on the market board, so unless you’re really needing an expensive piece of glamour or the latest minions, you probably won’t need a lot of it to effectively play this game.

FFXIV The Class/Job system for gil

With regard to the classroom system, FFXIV is unique to others for the following reasons:

Once players reach level 10, they are free to switch between any level of the game. This is only done by equipping weapons.

Each class has its own unique progress. This means that if you have a level 30 Lancer but switch to Gladiator for the first time, the Gladiator level will start at 1.

After you raise the level of the course to level 30, you can raise its designated secondary school level to level 15 to unlock specific jobs, thus unlocking powerful abilities and characteristics. The realists — the fighting soldiers — can raise the armed cavalry to level 15, and then they can become a monk. Every class can develop into work. But the arcane could choose between the two jobs.

Homework can also borrow certain skills from secondary school courses, which can be changed at any time.

The only exception is the introduction of the new jobs in heavensward, which does not require any courses, but can still learn some skills, and once unlocked, it can start from level 30.

Gone are the days of trying other game styles — the system gives you the flexibility to try a variety of games. You will also receive experience rewards for each course that reaches the highest level.

FFXIV Gather and Craft to earn gil

Unlike many other MMORPGs, collecting and producing characters is their own work. Players need to switch between their main jobs and these side options to upgrade them, which can be confusing at first. After introducing the armory game, you can unlock the production and collection classes. This happens once the player clears the main scene tasks at level 15. The game provides a short tutorial on how to collect or make character combo gear for each, and then set the player’s route.

After that, it was a simple system, although it was also time-consuming. Since leveling these tasks does not help to improve the progress of the characters in the whole main game, we suggest that you start with these tasks and turn them back when the players are used to the FFXIV getting started guide. In any case, as long as the player reaches the highest level, they will be there all the time, and they are not required to complete any critical tasks.

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