Path of Exile 3.11 Release Date

Path of Exile currently planning to announce the 3.11 expansion at 2 p.m. (PDT) on June 2. This means that GGG is trying to set the PC release date as June 19 and the console release date as June 24. However, it is important to note that this release is likely to be delayed further than any previous extensions.

  • Path of Exile 3.11 release date for PC: June 19, 2020
  • Path of Exile 3.11 release date for console(PS4 and Xbox One): June 24, 2020

Path of Exile 3.11 release date

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The Release Date of Path of Exile 3.11 has been delayed

GGG knows that many players are eagerly awaiting updates on when the next expansion announcement and release are needed. This news article will let you know the timeline they are working on right now, and also explain the tricky nature of predicting when to start expanding.

As many of the Path of Exile players already know, they have completed eight out of 13 development cycles from home, wasting a lot of time in face-to-face and teamwork. Their team works hard to adapt to the new paradigm quickly, but there are some difficulties in working in this way, which slows down the development speed. As a result, they have internally delayed the release of the extension by one week from the original release date.

It’s very important for them that they release high-quality extensions in June, and if they feel they need to add another week or two, they will take some time to do so. Despite their efforts to achieve this within the normal 13-week schedule, development has not been as usual in the past few months.

The pandemic makes it difficult to predict the release date of the 3.11 league safely. There is currently a reasonable possibility that the expansion will be delayed for another week, and a low chance that it will be delayed further beyond that.

Generally, they only want to publish such timelines on a more certain date, but as time goes on, more people will be frustrated that they don’t know what will happen, so at least you will feel important to realize the tentative nature of these things.

Where can I see the release announcement of 3.11?

The good news is that for this announcement, you can expect their usual trailer, development review, news report, and announcement page. But the Path of Exile has just added a little bit! When their announcement is released, ZiggyD will be streaming their trailer, his inside coverage of the expansion, and then hosting a live Q&A with Chris Wilson about the upcoming content. This is an hour of activity and you will be able to watch it in real-time on Twitch!

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