Druidic Dire Familiar

Druidic Dire Familiar is a rare Runic monster. There is no specific location for Druidic Dire Familiar. You can find this runic monster by playing Expedition content.

  • Expedition encounter: Druidic Dire Familiar
Level Name Experience Damage Attack Time Ally Life Armour Evasion Energy Shield Resists Fire Resists Cold Resists Lightning Resists Chaos
84 Druidic Dire Familiar 37378 2111.5 1.065 19809 16265 12822 0 0 75 0 0

Druidic Dire Familiar (or Rat Monster, as we call it)

  • Sound Composer: Javier

By far my favorite monster from Expedition League. I loved making such a repulsive and dark creature come alive in Wraeclast! I wanted it to sound crunchy and ‘dehydrated’ with it’s movements, and for that I used a combination of dirt, wet pasta and latex gloves processed together with some phase modulation, stretching and pitch shifting.

For me it looked like it should have a starving, pained voice. I made that by mixing pig squeals and capuchin monkey expressions, processed with pitch shifting, chorus and distortion.

The highlight for me is the skill where it summons little rats from its decaying body. That animation sequence has a painful voice, rat sounds, and 3 layers of foley effects. The first is a dry, crunchy, bone breaking layer, similar to it’s normal foley. The second, a gory organ stirring wet version of it, made by crushing fruit with latex gloves. Thirdly, the sound for the ‘dark magic mist’' (it's not that present visually but was a good resource to add more expression) which I made with a heavily processed geothermal puff and a spread-nozzle water mist. Their treatment included distortion, reverse delay, pitch shifting, convolution reverb, phase modulation and tremolo automation.


Name Druidic Dire Familiar
Tags red_blood, undead, demon, not_str, not_int
Damage 208%
Life 260%
Ailment Threshold 185%
Critical Strike Chance 5%
Type ExpeditionRat
Attack Distance 10 ~ 13
Attack Time 1.065 Second
Damage Spread 20%
Evasion +50%
Accuracy +100%

PoE Challenges: Complete Expedition Encounters II (8)

Defeat each of the following Rare Runic monsters.

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