Knights of the Sun

Knight of the Sun is a rare Runic monster. You can find this runic monster by searching related Expedition Logbook.

  • Expedition encounter: Knight of the Sun

Knights of the Sun

How to find Knights of the Sun?

Search Knights of the Sun from Path of Exile Trade website.

  • Search: Expedition Logbook
  • Stat Filters: Has Logbook Faction: Knights of the Sun

How to find Knights of the Sun

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List of Expedition Boss Items

NPC Name Icon Item Boss
Dannig Knights of the Sun Knights of the Sun Lesser Sun Artifact Lesser Sun Artifact
Common Sun Artifact Common Sun Artifact
Greater Sun Artifact Greater Sun Artifact
Grand Sun Artifact Grand Sun Artifact
Burial Medallion Burial Medallion
Min Level: 81
Runic Stronghold
Olroth, Origin of the Fall

Knight of the Sun Stats

Level Name Experience Damage Attack Time Ally Life Armour Evasion Energy Shield Resists Fire Resists Cold Resists Lightning Resists Chaos
68 Knight of the Sun 15075 1823.9 2.25 5906 9191 4681 0 0 75 0 0


Name Knight of the Sun
Tags humanoid, construct, ward armour, not dex, not int
Immune monster gain base ward equal to total maximum life % [20]
no energy shield [1]
Damage 217%
Life 343%
Ailment Threshold 219%
Critical Strike Chance 5%
Type ExpeditionDeathKnight
Attack Distance 5 ~ 22
Attack Time 2.25 Second
Damage Spread 20%
Armour +50%
Accuracy +100%
MeleeAtAnimationSpeed Default Attack
Strike your foes down with a powerful blow.
skill can fire arrows skill can fire wand projectiles action attack or cast time uses animation length projectile uses contact position use scaled contact offset Attack ProjectileAttack SkillCanMirageArcher Projectile MeleeSingleTarget AttackCanRepeat Melee SkillCanVolley
GAExpeditionDeathKnightSlam main hand base maximum attack distance [35]
skill physical damage % to convert to cold [20]
active skill damage +% final [0]
active skill attack damage final permyriad [6500]
is area damage Triggerable Attack
Cooldown Time: 4 Second
GSExpeditionDeathKnightNova Deals 857.1 to 1071 Physical Damage
skill physical damage % to convert to cold [20]
spell maximum action distance +% [-75]
0% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit
is area damage Triggerable
Cooldown Time: 2.5 Second
WalkEmergeExpeditionDeathKnight walk emerge distance [288]

PoE Challenges: Complete Expedition Encounters II (8)

Defeat each of the following Rare Runic monsters.

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