Do not buy NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Packs with MT

A few years ago, it impressed me and still works in NBA 2K23 myteam. If you are like me and don’t pay for this model, you may not be swimming when buying a suit with VC. Myteam game does not allow you to earn VC, but you can earn MT (the only currency of this mode). MT can also be used to buy packs , but this is not recommended. The MT price tag of the pack is even worse than the VC price, especially considering how much games it takes to accumulate the necessary quantity. If you want to buy packs, it is best to grind VC in other modes (such as mycareer) and then use it to buy.

The reason you should save MT rather than spend it on packs is that it is the only currency used in the auction house. For myteam players who don’t spend real money to tear up one book after another, the auction house is most likely to let you get the card dream Co seeks. The best cards are naturally expensive – your other players don’t usually just give them up – so you need to maintain a healthy MT balance and keep replenishing it as you spend it on cards. If you waste MT on the packs and rarely do so, but the reward rarely proves that the price is reasonable, so if you want to buy the packs , please try VC again.

Buy NBA 2K23 MT Cheap

Do not use MT on the pack of myteam

Three in-game currencies are available in myteam.

VC, token and MT (myteam points). If you want to build a lean team without spending real money, you need to make sure you get the most out of Mt. You can make money on everything you do in myteam mode.

It’s best to locate one card at a time and build your own MT until you have enough money to get what you want completely, instead of risking all the hard won MT luck. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use MT on the pack , but a large proportion of it should be used for auction purchase.

For example, maybe you want to say I’ll spend 50000 MT , and then spend it on anything. If you adopt the 80 / 20 rule, 40000 MT will be used for auction purchase, while the other 10 MT may be used to open the pack .

The more savings you can make, the more money you can spend on auctions or packs , which means that you are more and more likely to get a pin mobile card in your collection. If you don’t want to spend money on every game or finish it, you’ll be surprised how fast it will be built.

Is it worth to do a pack on the first day of 2K22?

It’s really smart to open the pack early. You don’t pull anything op or super exciting, but almost everything you pull has value.

If you want to open the pack of shiny toys, please do not open it early. If you want to get the pack of MT, you must tear it early. Your average MT per pack rate is much higher than at the beginning of this year.

Tear early, sell everything, stock MT, and use it wisely throughout the year. Don’t try to pull a shiny new toy in December, because you’re not likely to pull it. What do you pull? You will have the same cards as when they were issued, but they will be worth about a tenth of their value at that time.

Do not buy packs during VC sales

If any of you read my other articles, you will know that I spent a lot of money on this game. I saw the VC deal today and thought it would be a great opportunity to complete the college series because last week I got Carmelo. I think I can spend hundreds of dollars to finish the collection easily.

Don’t be fooled! Make 2K23 mt for sale by yourself.

Once the venture capital sales were made, they completely destroyed the pack odds.

I’m proving it! I’ve spent $150 opening six boxes and haven’t got a Amethyst Diamond card in any of them. I have one more to open, and I have another $50 to open two boxes.

I’ve noticed that I only get 3-4 rubies in one box, and the money in each box I open is much less than usual.

I am an idiot of spending money, but I have the obligation to let everyone know that because VC’s sales are wrong, they are directly reducing the packs odds.

I’m a person who spends 100-200 per week on games, so I think I have a good sample size to accurately determine this problem.

Does anyone else find the same thing? That’s why I created this post to get more ideas about the people who are attracted today.

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