Making NBA 2K21 MT on the Auction House

Auction House is the place where you can buy or sell players. As you sell items in the Auction House, you will get nba 2K21 mt coins. Or, you can buy items with MT in this place. You can only with MT to buy players in the Auction House. The trade fee is 10%.

Generally, you will be familiar with a set of cards (such as “league” emeralds and so on) and the purpose of purchasing them. You can then view all of their “buy now” prices and then purchase prices that are lower than the price of the card. You then sell the card at a price higher than the purchase price.

Please note – there is a tax on card sales. Make sure your profits are greater than your taxes. As long as you do this, you will get a small profit, which will gradually increase over time.

Try to have more than 10 auctions at all times, and when you’re offline for more than 4 hours, you can really increase that number.

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Buy low and sell high

An auction house is a good way to get useful cards at a cheap price or to sell some secondary cards with negligible MC revenue. The price here will fluctuate like any free market, and you will see the price of things fluctuate up and down, because the invisible hand indicates the relationship between supply and demand.

The best strategy is to buy cards at a low price and sell them at a high price. You can also make some speculative investments by focusing on trends and attracting the best players in the earnings and selling them when they are scarce.

How to bid in the Auction House

High bids are not always the highest bid, which is rarely the case. In your case, it’s like this:

The starting bid for the card is 500. There are bids for this, assuming they set a maximum bid of 10000. You go to that card and it says that the current maximum bid is 500, because if no one else offers, that’s what they will get. Your highest bid for it over 20000 is 20000, so now the highest bid is 10050, which is the lowest of 100000. The game still requires you to pay 20K to automatically match any bid up to 20K as this is your highest bid. If there are no other bids, you will get a 10050 card and get your 9950, which is not needed to win the auction.

If someone’s current offer is less than 20000, you will automatically increase their price to 20000 immediately. Suppose someone offered 15K. The game will tell them that your maximum bid is higher than their bid, and will automatically increase your bid from 10050 to 15050, because it is lower than the maximum 20000 set by you. If there is no other offer, you will get 15050 cards and 4950 additional MT that you do not need.

If someone sets the maximum bid to more than 20000, they will eventually surpass you at a price of 20050. At this point, you can bid more MT on the 20K gained in the auction to try to win or recover 20K. Auction house is the best place to make NBA 2K21 MT.

Packs vs auction house

Do not use MT to buy packs . My advice is to play a leading role and not spend any MT until you get some good triple threat cards. Start playing after you have won three cards enough to win some triple threat games. You will get a lot of time, which is the fastest way to make Mt.

A few years ago, it impressed me and still works in NBA 2K21 myteam. If you are like me and don’t pay for this model, you may not be swimming when buying a suit with VC. Myteam game does not allow you to earn VC, but you can earn MT (the only currency of this mode). MT can also be used to buy packs , but this is not recommended. The MT price tag of the pack is even worse than the VC price, especially considering how much games it takes to accumulate the necessary quantity. If you want to buy packs , it is best to grind VC in other modes (such as mycareer) and then use it to buy.

The reason you should save MT rather than spend it on packs is that it is the only currency used in the auction house. For myteam players who don’t spend real money to tear up one book after another, the auction house is most likely to let you get the card dream Co seeks. The best cards are naturally expensive – your other players don’t usually just give them up – so you need to maintain a healthy MT balance and keep replenishing it as you spend it on cards. If you waste MT on the packs and rarely do so, but the reward rarely proves that the price is reasonable, so if you want to buy the packs , please try VC again.

Set MT and VC pay day

This is an important part of the plan. It is not wise to spend MT and VC every day or whenever you reach a certain amount. In most cases, this approach will never allow you to get the most out of your card or accurately assess when an upgrade is needed.

If you play myteam every day (where possible, with some cool daily login rewards and wheel spin), you’ll get a lot of Mt. Use the VC you get from other modes to group, and the supply of game resources is unlimited. Discipline Discipline itself uses the percentages we talked about earlier, and only takes one day a week.

If Friday is your MT and VC payday, it’s the day you should go to the auction house and buy the packs . For example, if you accumulate 80000 MT and 45000 VC this week, you will take 40000 MT to the auction house, and the other half will buy cigarette boxes.

If you have 45000 VC, you can pour 33000 VC into myplayer, but the other part can be used for packs . If you want to know, it’s OK to spend some tokens every day, especially if you’re a perfectionist. These cards will only be added to your collection. There is no real benefit in saving a token unless you are not interested in getting the next available reward.

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