Defeat Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare

PoE Challenges: Defeat Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare boss.

  • Location: Travel to The Harvest, then go to The Black Core, finally open The Black Heart and kill Malachai.

Defeat Malachai, The Nightmare

1. Kill three unique bosses to open The Black Core

  • kill Doedre Stamatis(location: The Harvest)
  • kill Maligaro, The Inquisitor(location: The Harvest)
  • kill Shavronne of Umbra(location: The Harvest)

open The Black Core

2. Kill Piety in The Black Core

3. Kill Malachai in The Black Heart

Kill Malachai

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Defeat Malachai Strategy

Most of Malachai’s attacks are well-telegraphed. Watch him and learn what the animations for each attack look like, and you should be able to avoid most of his damage. Learning what the attacks look like and how to avoid them is the key to victory in this fight.

In general, fight cautiously – avoid his attacks and only damage him when you can do so relatively safely. Malachai has no energy shield or health regen, so all of your damage will add up.

Malachai’s tentacle portal provides the best opportunity to damage him, assuming you can avoid the other AoEs he throws out. He is stationary for the entire time he channels, and maneuvering just to one side of the portal will let you attack him without taking any damage.

For the entire fight, but especially the end of the second phase, pay very close attention to the ground in the arena. Malachai’s rune traps, blood pools, and the ring of fire are all very dangerous in the chaos of the fight.

The explosive teleport is easily recognized and gives you plenty of time to react, but don’t mess around with it. The explosion can easily one-shot you. Get far away from Malachai and go back in after the explosion has gone off.

His Smash in stage 1 is quite quick, so if you are melee and are using slow melee attacks like two handed ice crash or any skill with multistrike, you might not have time to dodge. This attack deals a large amount of damage, so melee characters should play especially defensively during the first phase.

Transformed Piety is extraordinarily dangerous, and will require lots of dodging. She does not have the chaos beam attack from her boss version, but the chaos spheres she throws deal very high damage. An Amethyst Flask or some other source of chaos resistance will help immensely.

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